The Tennessee Titans Want Moore No More


Good bye Yoda. Thanks for the visit. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Well, so much for holding out on that hope.

As per Jim Wyatt, the Tennessee Titans have released offensive assistant Tom Moore.   Moore was brought in as an assistant to help out with the offense after Munchak dismissed coordinator Chris Palmer with about 5 weeks left in the season.  Then quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains was promoted to interim offensive coordinator for the remainder of the season.  Munchak asked Moore to come in and aid in the transition.

Tom Moore was who Mike Munchak had wanted as his offensive coordinator when taking the head coaching job two years ago.  At the time, Moore was coming off of knee surgery and felt unable to adequately perform the duties expected of him for the position.  Apparently that is no longer the case as he is openly looking for an offensive coordinator position.

There was a bit of hope, as well as speculation, that during this off-season Moore would be given the offensive coordinator position, and Loggains would go back to his old post, a little richer in experience.  The first inkling that this wasn’t happening was when the Titans brought in John Shoop to interview for the quarterbacks coach, their only off-season interview to date.  Obviously this isn’t going to happen.

The most important part of the article , however, is Tom Moore’s quote “They have their coaching staff set there at Tennessee, and I don’t want anybody’s job. I want a job that is open,”.  So apparently we can all stop holding our breath that the Titans might make a move at the OC position and get one of the bigger names with a proven background that have been out there since Black Monday.

That means Dowell Loggains is it folks.  All I can do is hope that his relationship with Locker allows him to implement a scheme that the players we have can run, and that he doesn’t try to prove himself by going over the top with complication.  In his defense, he didn’t have time to implement his offense on the fly last year, and all he could do was trim down the complication of Palmer’s.  There was a noticeably excited reaction from the skill players on the offense when this move was made mid-season.  I can only take that as a good sign.

So how do you feel?  Excited? Mad? Sad?  Don’t care anymore because you feel like nothing will ever change with this franchise?

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