Tennessee Titans: Give Me Greg Jennings


Hey Greg! Wanna be a Titan? Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans need to get Greg Jennings

That’s right.  Let’s back up the dump truck and try one more time at bringing in a stud free agent wide receiver.  I know it hasn’t panned out for this franchise in the past, but this one would be different.  When looking at the key free agents available this year, I have always just glossed over Greg Jennings.  It’s not an area of dire need for the Titans, and probably going to cost way too much anyways.  That was all before Kenny Britt’s latest soap opera.

Kenny Britt is in the headlines again and not for anything good.  I’m not saying he did anything, but I am saying he can’t stay away from trouble.  While writing this article he is apparently in some sort of hiding, and the New Jersey police have released a statement that they are wanting anyone, including the Titans owner, to turn him over.  I would like to see how long Britt lasts on the roster if the cops actually call Bud Adam’s house looking for him.

But back to Greg Jennings.  Whether Britt is around or not, Jennings could be a wonderful get for the Titans.  I know there are stronger needs at interior offensive line, safety and defensive end, but there is also a huge hole at veteran leadership on this team.  Matt Hasselbeck could be one of those guys, but as a backup your voice can only carry so far.  Greg Jennings could bring a huge dynamic target for Locker, while bringing this type of leadership to the team.

I’ve never been one to suggest going out and paying top dollar for the hot free agent.  I can’t remember it working in the past and having a playoff team winning at the end of the year because they paid through the nose for a single player.  But I’m changing my tune in light of the recent episode of As the Jersey Turnpike Turns starring none other than Kenny Britt.

The Titans are going to be around 20 million under the cap this off-season and have some dough to spend.  They should pick up a good guard/center, another safety, and some depth at linebacker.  Draft the same positions with a dynamic first round DE to boot.  And, oh yeah,….   GET ME GREG JENNINGS!

Well?  You want Jennings now or not?

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