Tennessee Titans’ WR Kenny Britt Finds More Trouble


Dec 30, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) runs after a reception against Jacksonville Jaguars corner back Aaron Ross (31) during the second half at LP Field. Mandatory credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans can’t have an offseason without WR Kenny Britt being involved in some sort of off the field, police filled drama. It’s happened again. No, this is not a joke. Kenny Britt is wanted for questioning after having dropped off a stab victim at a New Jersey hospital and then driving off without answering any questions from the police about the incident.

"Britt dropped the man, who was earlier reported to be the receiver’s brother, off at a New Jersey hospital and left without answering questions from police about the incident. The man reportedly had non life-threatening injuries.Police were twice called to the area in the overnight hours, first about a stabbing at a birthday party, and later regarding a gunshot being fired at a house near where the stabbing took place.Details are still sketchy, but Britt has once again placed himself in a terrible situation and is putting his career closer and closer to being in jeopardy. He has been involved in a string of minor incidents since the Titans drafted him in 2009, and was suspended for one game last year following a DUI on an army base at Fort Campbell, Ky."

While it doesn’t seem like the worst of offenses, it’s quite alarming that Britt finds himself delivering a stabbed man to a hospital. It’s almost worse that he doesn’t realize you need to stick around to explain things like that.

To almost no surprise, this all went down in New Jersey, Britt’s hometown.

If it was possible to ban a man from a state, that would be just the medicine for Britt. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and we haven’t come up with an

Sep 11, 2011; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) walks along the sideline during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Fernando Medina-USA TODAY Sports

anti-stupid pill.

We’ve still got to hear Britt’s side of things here, but it doesn’t bode well for him either way. He was involved with a stabbing. While it could have been an accidental one, the fact that he didn’t stick around at the hospital doesn’t exactly point you that way and the fact that he has a history of hanging out with the wrong crowd in Jersey doesn’t bode well either.

With Britt’s history of trouble, this seems to be the straw that broke that camel’s back. The only possibility I see of Kenny Britt being brought back as a Tennessee Titan in 2014 is if he destroyed records everywhere in 2013. I’m talking Calvin Johnson type play. And I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I even find myself questioning now whether the Titans don’t cut him this offseason. This is just ridiculous. While we’ve all see the talent Britt is capable of, this constant drama, not to mention his lingering health issues, all point to a player who seems to be more trouble than he’s worth. If I’m the Titans, I’m seriously

shopping around for a playmaker WR this offseason, whether it be through the draft, or more preferably, through free agency.

There should be some good receiving talent available during free agency this year, most notably WR’s Greg Jennings and Dwayne Bowe. The Titans are planning on making the playoffs this next year and if they do choose to part ways with Britt, you can almost bank on them chasing one of these two guys.

We still have to wait to see exactly how this story pans out, but as for me, I’m officially done with Britt. He will never reach his full potential, whether it be because of legal troubles or because of injuries. The kid may have all the talent in the world, but he doesn’t have the head to match it and that’s his biggest downfall.

I’m done waiting on the dream.

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