Tennessee Titans: The Silence Is Deafening


Is Mike Munchak going to make a move? Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have been awfully quiet.

It’s been over a week since Black Monday and all the rumors and hopes began flying about the 7 head coaches that were relieved of their positions. Many Titan’s fans have expressed their desire for changes at the coordinator positions on the Titans staff, and allowed themselves to hope for a proven commodity.  That hope is dwindling.

All is quiet at Baptist Sports Park and even the Tennessee Titans beat writers haven’t uttered a peep in days.  The Titans organization has never been one to act quickly, which is part of what got us here today.  I was assuming that with the slim picking head coach Mike Munchak had on his first go around, he at least would be eager to begin his new coordinator search promptly.

In defense of Munchak and the Titans, there are still 5 teams that don’t even have a head coach, let alone a staff.  And it’s not like the coveted coaches have interviewed with any other teams as well.  It’s almost as if Norv Turner and Romeo Crennel aren’t even available.  Who knows?  Maybe they aren’t.  Maybe Munchak has reached out to these guys behind the scenes and they politely declined.  Maybe the Titans front office is just giving them some time to heal from their wounds, a respectful mourning period if you will.

I will add a small defense for Dowell Loggains as well.  Dowell would still be a change, as he didn’t have time to put in his system during the final games of the season.  All he could do was pair down and try and scale back on the plays that Chris Palmer had already implemented.   Dowell’s system has yet to be seen and he is close to Jake Locker, which gives me hope.  Change? Yes.  Proven? No.

All I know is the only coach that has been to Baptist Sports Park this off-season is John Shoop who interviewed as a quarterbacks coach.  Sorry if that doesn’t get my gizzard going.  And every day that goes by with no news at all, is just one day closer to making no changes at all.

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