NFL Wild Card Weekend: Staff Predictions


The NFL Wild Card Weekend: Staff Predictions

With nothing better to do but watch the upper echelon of teams duke it out this weekend, the staff here at Titan Sized has decided to go head to head and put our prediction prowess on the line.  Here’s a look at this weekend’s playoff games and who will win.  I would advise taking out a second mortgage and betting it all on these powerful portals of the future.*

Cincinnati @ Houston

Josh Gunnels, Staff Writer:  A rematch of last years wild card weekend.  The Texans have been falling apart losing 3 of their past 4 and failing to clinch a bye week.  Cincinnati is underrated and explosive, but I’m going with the “they’re due” theory and say Andre Johnson goes off to give the Texans the win.   Texans 24 – Bengals 20

Jason Peters, Assistant Editor:  Houston has been sliding, and is reeling from injuries all over the place. Regardless, the Texans will come together to beat an overachieving Bengals team that is still a couple of years away from being legitimate competition deep into the playoffs. Texans 31 – Bengals 24

Matias Wodner, Contributor: The Texans have struggled mightily over the latter part of the season, and the Bengals have done the exact opposite. A rejuvenated defense led by the best defensive tackle in football, Geno Atkins, will keep a struggling Matt Schaub and the Texans offense from pulling this game out.  Bengals 20 – Texans 17

Russell Griffin, Contributor: Houston has been struggling in the last quarter of the season. Love AJ Green, and the Bengal defense.  Pick: Houston

Minnesota @ Green Bay

Josh Gunnels, Staff Writer: These two division foes played in the regular season game of the week last Sunday.  AP rallied his team to a win in an inhuman performance, coming up 9 yards shy of Eric Dickerson’s rushing record.  I say the Vikings peaked last week and are spent.  Time to play at Lambeau and the home team magic gets flipped.  Packers 35 – Vikings 24

Jason Peters, Assistant Editor: Aaron Rodgers is the type of guy that really does not like losing to a team deemed inferior to the Pack. Feeding off of his quite, angsty rage, the all-pro quarterback and friends enact revenge on the Vikings, who were stellar at the beginning of the season, regressed for about 8 games, then started their ascent back to almost-greatness, which culminated in a win over the Vikings last week. Packers 35 – Vikings 24

Matias Wodner, Contributor: I think the Packers and Aaron Rodgers have another Super Bowl run in them. They just seem to get hot at the right time. Adrian Peterson’s unforgettable season is going to come to a close in Lambeau, where our beloved Titans were embarrassed just two weeks ago. Packers 31 – Vikings 23

Russell Griffin, Contributor: Adrian Peterson is an absolute animal, and he crushed the Packers last week to help lead his team to playoff birth. GB has been for the majority of the season underwhelming, but it’s the playoffs, and I’ll take Aaron Rodgers over Christian Ponder. Pick: Green Bay

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

Josh Gunnels, Staff Writer:  I’m not sure if there are two teams I hate more in the NFL.  Can they both somehow lose?  The Colts quick turnaround this year has added a layer of stink to the Titans season, as if it’s foulness needed help.  If the dirty birds ruined our playoff runs, then hopefully they can ruin the Colt’s as well.  Here’s my attempt at reverse jinx:  Colts 20 – Ravens 17

Jason Peters, Assistant Editor:  Man, will it ever sting watching two AFC South teams not named the Titans play this weekend. Before this week, I’d have told you that Luck and the Colts would be pulling out the upset over the never-dominant Ravens. However, that all changed when Ray Lewis announced he would be retiring at the end of this season. The fact that this game is at Baltimore means Lewis and his cohorts will be getting a standing ovation for 60 minutes of football. Add to that the fact that Indy doesn’t play quite as well on the road as they do at home, and you have the makings of a Ravens victory. Ravens 27 – Colts 21

Matias Wodner, Contributor: Indianapolis has done the unforeseen, but they were recently tabbed by Football Outsiders as the worst 11-5 team in NFL history. Expect that to prove true against a defense that gets its hall of fame leader back in uniform. Not to mention, Joe Flacco is money when playing at home. Ravens 27 – Colts 17

Russell Griffin, Contributor: The Colts have had a surprisingly successful season, led by rookie QB Andrew Luck. This could be Ray Lewis’s last game as a Raven, look for the Colt’s luck to end. Pick: Ravens

Seattle @ Washington

Josh Gunnels, Staff Writer:  With Russell Wilson squaring off against RGIII, this must be the most exciting game of the weekend.  I’m gonna lean towards Beast Mode’s proven performances in the playoffs. Hopefully they Seahawks packed plenty of Skittles. Seahawks win in a shoot out (or zone read run out ).  Seahawks 35 – Redskins 27

Jason Peters, Assistant Editor:  Everybody knows that Seattle is the single hottest attraction in the NFL right now. However, most people seem to fail to realize that Seattle is 3-5 on the road. Despite this, the Seahawks will find a way to eek out a win against a Redskins team that has been transformed by the presence of not just RG3, but Sir Alfred Morris of Washington as well. This one will be closer than most people think.      Redskins 24 – Seahawks 27

Matias Wodner, Contributor: Has there been any other team that has played as well as the Seahawks over the past month? They’re playing their best ball at  the perfect time, and RGIII is going to witness that firsthand this weekend. Seahawks 20 – Redskins 14

Russell Griffin, Contributor: Rookie QB’s Russell WIlson and RG3 have been sensational. Both teams have stellar run games. But I love what Seattle does on defense.  Pick: Seahawks

*you would be stupid to do this