Tennessee Titans: The Silver Lining Week 16


One of the maulings Locker took at Lambeau. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhh, my Tennessee Titans.  There is no Silver Lining here folks.  Seriously.  Even Sally Sunshine can’t shine her rays on this game.  The defense was deplorable and the offense was even worse.  Previously, in other defeats, we could at least look to sections of the team or parts of the game where things clicked for the Titans and showed some hope for the future.  At no point during this game could I find a way to say: “Well, at least they did this well.”

But alas,  the post must go on!  So here are my crappy Silver Linings which still aren’t as crappy as the game was:

* We didn’t get shut out.  Locker hit Britt for a long pass down the sideline and then went to him again for a touchdown from the 4 in junk time.  Small potatoes, but that’s all you’re going to get in a game like this.

*Bud Adams is pissed.  That means change is brewing and it can’t get worse so change is good.

* I can see said the blind man!  The Titans had pulled the wool over our eyes the past few weeks.  They had played well for the most part and kept games close.  Going to Lambeau  and playing a truly elite non divisional opponent is exactly what was needed to expose the Titans for what they are: Horrible.  At least this way we find out sooner than later.  I would hate to go into the off-season thinking things weren’t really that bad, just to have next year blow up in our face.  If you’re going to dump me, do it now and don’t string me along like a fool.

*Now the fans can truly not care about next weeks game.  The way the Jags hung with the Patriots this weekend has me already writing off the Titans as 0-6 in the division.  I was prepared to lose the Packers game, just not look completely inept.  Now I’m prepared for that as well and can watch next weeks game with a sense of detachment, with another eye on the draft board.

Bet you can’t find anything else good from this game.  Seriously!

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