Tennessee Titans: One Last Hope


The big trucks are coming! Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans were awarded a prime time game this Monday night, the 17th,  against the NY Jets.  There isn’t a Titan fan in the world that didn’t circle this game the moment the schedule came out last summer.  The Sanchez/ Tebow/Rex Ryan circus is coming to town, to our house, under the lights, for Monday Night Football!

But how should I feel?

After the Jacksonville Jaguars loss, I had written this team off.  I had said I was done, didn’t care and would no longer harbor an ounce of hope until next year.  You can’t be disappointed if you have no expectations, right?  It’s actually a lot easier to watch your team as a fan then you know they stink, and can just enjoy the few moments of excitement when they play well or even pull out a win.

So I entered the next week against the Houston Texans expecting a blow out.  The Titans actually hung in there and played tougher than expected.  Great!  I didn’t even get upset when they shot themselves in the foot repeatedly, dropped 8 passes, and actually had chances to make the game close.  It’s all good.

Is coack Munchak a dreamer? Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

But then it happened.  Colts Week.  We can beat the Colts right?  Heck, we beat them last time if not for an early whistle taking back a fumble recovery.  As the week progressed I put more and more stock in the idea that the Colts were over hyped  and that the Titans would get out of their own way and take care of business.  And boy did they… for half the game.  I wanted a win so bad over our divisions Evil Empire that I actually made myself believe that it could happen.  Couple that with the way the first half went, and this loss stung deep.  I had convinced myself that this was the last game of the season that was even worth playing.  After the loss, I said I was done.  No more.

But how weak I am!  Pining for a Titans win like a lovesick schoolboy after the girl next door.

So here I am, with hope slowly building as each day goes by, and I distance myself from the latest let down by my team.  Like an unrequited lover, hope slowly builds as time passes from the latest rejection.  Maybe this time will be special, maybe this weekend she’ll love me.

Much like the Colts game, I feel like there’s something extra to play for on Monday Night at home.  We can play spoiler for the Jets, and there will be plenty of media attention for better or worse.  I can’t help but hope one last time that the Titans have heart, can play for pride in front of the entire nation, and get a win at home this Monday Night.   Go Titans…my heart can only take so much.

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