Tennessee Titans: 5 Q&A’s with a Jets Writer


Dec 9, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) passes the ball in the first quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans face off against the (6-7) New York Jets this week. I got a brief moment to swap questions with FanSided’s Jets editor, Alan Schechter. You can find my answers to his questions over at TheJetPress.com, but here’s what I was able to get from him.

So what’s up with the QB carousel in New York? I’ve given up trying to keep track of all the craziness surrounding Tebow and Sanchez. It’s Sanchez who’s getting the start this weekend, right?

Don’t forget about Greg McElroy.  He came on in relief of Mark Sanchez two weeks ago against the Cardinals, led them to the victory, and then was inactive against the Jaguars last week.  The carousel is now three-headed, but yes, Mark Sanchez is the starter on Monday night.  Rex has always been extremely loyal to Mark, who has been his quarterback since he took the head coaching job here in NY.

There has never been the impression that Tim Tebow ever really had the chance to start here, heck, they don’t even use him in Wildcat situations where he has had success in the past.  There are a lot of theories as to why they don’t use him, mine is simple, that they don’t think he is any good as a quarterback.  I know that upsets a lot of Tim Tebow fans in this country, but I believe it to be true.  That being said, I think Mark will receive a real challenge to his position next year from someone, but for Monday night, and I believe the rest of 2012, he is, and will be the starter.

I’ve been pulling an ostrich move over here in the land of the Titans, thanks to a disappointing season, so I’m a little out of the loop about who’s performing well for the Jets. I know it’s not Sanchez, so who is doing well for them?

On offense, the running game has had a resurgence of late with Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell sharing the load.  They have been running for 4 yards or more per carry over the last few weeks, which is a far cry from how the running game was looking in the early going.  On defense, Antonio Cromartie has stepped up and done a more than able job of filling the role left void by the Darrelle Revis injury.

He has been, for the most part, the shut down corner that the Jets have needed.  Second year defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson has become a Pro Bowl candidate, and one that the Titans should gameplan for.  He has recorded a sack in three of the last four games, and has 3 forced fumbles on the year as well.  And he is reaking his havoc playing the three technique on the inside.  He has been a big part of the Jets defense’s return to form against the run.

I’m not completely out of the loop… How much of an impact do you think Braylon Edwards will have, now that he’s re-signed with the Jets?

If he is healthy, I think Braylon will have a huge impact.  In the last day or so, there is some question coming out about the health of his hamstring.  If he is healthy, he will be huge.  He had chemistry with Mark Sanchez when he arrived in 2009, which will be nice for him.  The Jets have had a lot of interchangeable parts at wide receiver, which have been no help in getting Mark comfortable in his offense.  The return of a guy that he has had great success with will pay big dividends.  As long as he is healthy, of course.

How are Jets fans faring with all the media drama surrounding Tebow and a struggling Sanchez? Are fans still backing Sanchez as their QB?

I am one of the few actually that still has any support left for Mark Sanchez.  After his performance of late, many are done with him.  The thing is, the craze for Tebow is not what it was at the beginning of the season.  The reason?  The Jets have done all but come out and say they aren’t using him.  They told us over and over about these secret packages they had for him, and yet, we see nothing.

The Wildcat plays happened less and less during the games as the season has gone on, and now we don’t see him at all.  He has never replaced Sanchez for even an entire series, so nobody is under the false hope that he will replace Mark for an entire game.  Fans are actually ready to see Greg McElroy take over as the starter to see what they have in him.

All right, you heard my disappointing prediction. What’s yours?

I always hedge on these things, because the Jets are a hard team to predict the performance of.  The defense could look like it has in the last two weeks, giving up only 2 third down conversions over the last two games, pitching a shutout in one.  Or they could pull a stinker like they did against San Francisco and lose 34-0.

Here’s the thing on Monday.  The guy who worries me is CJ2K.  The Jets have never had great success against speed running backs.  Guys like Darren McFadden, Reggie Bush, and CJ Spiller have absolutely shredded the Jets defense.  CJ2K is the same type of back.  If he has a huge game, the Jets are in big trouble.  If he doesn’t, the Jets win a close one.  How do I see it going?

If you really want a score I will give you one, and it will be similar to yours.

Jets 17 Titans 14