Titan Sized Staff Feature: Who Should The Tennessee Titans Select As Their Next Offensive Coordinator?


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As any fan of the team, or even casual observer, will tell you, the Tennessee Titans 2012 season is all but over. That’s right, despite four weeks of regular football season left, Tennessee Titans fans have written off the season and our current 4-8 record. Yes, 8-8 is still theoretically possible, but so is a fully-functioning bi-partisan government; doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

As most that follow the team will know, the franchise recently fired offensive coordinator Chris Palmer, leaving Dowell Loggains as the interim coordinator. In his first game at the position, the Titans put up 10 points; by no means an upgrade. As with any coach at any position, the interim label becomes a try-out of sorts, wherein the coach has the remaining weeks to show that he deserves a chance to maintain the title. It can be safely said that no one that watched the game against Houston thinks Loggains should hold the title for the 2013 season.

With that being said, the gang here at Titan Sized are hear to give you our collective opinions as to who should become the offensive coordinator for the 2013 season. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Justin Stewart (Editor) – Chip Kelly (Current HC for Oregon Ducks)

This is as long of a shot as is the Titans making the Super Bowl this year, but a man can dream, dammit. Kelly has been responsible for raising the University of Oregon to a level where they’re competing for a national title every year. His offense is potent and milks the most it can out of it’s players. When you look at who has come into the NFL from his teams, there aren’t a lot of big names. Jonathan Stewart and LeGarrette Blount are the first two that come to mind.

Neither are incredible stars at the next level. LaMichael James is out there too, but he’s much more of a non-factor. Kelly has already turned down head coaching jobs at the next level, so it’d be an accomplishment and a half to convince him to be the Titans offensive coordinator. But imagining what he could get out of this offense is what makes him so appealing for the job. Two things he seems to like for his offenses, mobile QB’s and a good RB, seem to be in place already on the Titans. If nothing else, he’d bring creativity to an offense that was rather stale under Chris Palmer’s direction, however, the only hope the Titans have of bringing him on is the fact that with owner Bud Adams clock winding down, his wallet seems to be opening up. He wants that Super Bowl, and he wants it now.

Jason Peters (Assistant Editor) – Ken Wisenhunt (Currently HC for Arizona Cardinals)

This guy didn’t earn the nickname “The Whiz” for being dumb at game-planning. While previously acting as OC for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Wisenhunt found great success while working with former-coach-turned-soon-to-be-former-analyst-Bill Cowher. From there, he went on to find early success as he was enshrined Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals. At first everyone thought he was the answer to the Cardinals woes; then we all realized that man was actually Kurt Warner. After going 9-7 and 10-6 with Warner at the helm, Warner retired and the Cardinals success plummeted, going 5-11 and 8-8 the following two seasons and failing to make the playoffs; the Cardinals currently sit at 4-8. I fully expect Wisenhunt to be fired at the end of the season, especially as he seems to have lost control of a team that is apparently fighting amongst one another fairly regularly; his balanced attack would suit us perfectly.

Chase Maher (Senior Writer) – Norv Turner (Current HC for San Diego Chargers)

In a season that many, including myself, expected Locker to take a big step forward in his production the Tennessee Titans have one of the worst offenses in the AFC. They do not lack playmakers or talent on this side of the ball, but the chemistry and rhythm has been all but absent. Locker’s accuracy is not all that bad, but his ball placement has been shaky. I think this is a direct result of asking the youngsters to do too much. Palmer’s system was way to complicated. It called for receivers to read defenses and react with a certain route, or “option”. This is not a good system with a young quarterback and a group of skill players containing only one true veteran. This team needs a system that focuses on stretching the field and getting the ball to the guys that makes plays. This team needs Norv Turner. Or at least someone like Norv; someone that takes the shots. Look, Locker has one of the biggest arms in the league, so let’s use it.

This guy Dowell Loggains might be the answer, especially with the tutelage Tom Moore, but if he isn’t Munchak needs to make a statement and hire a known coach. You never know, Norv could have a Wade Phillips effect on this offense.

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Shawn Eagle (Senior Writer) – Pete Carmichael (Offensive Coordinator for the New Orleans Saints)

With the firing of Chris Palmer as the OC the Titans really have to figure out what they want to do and how they want to do it. This team has no identity on offense and they must connect with a philosophy and begin to build around that philosophy. It’s not just enough to say, well we want to become a passing the team. Really, what kind of passing team, do you want to go to a quick hitting rhythm based offense like a West Coast offense? Do you want your passing attack to feed off of the running game?  Do you just want to throw more than you run so you can put pressure on the defense immediately? The Titans have more talent at the offensive skill positions then they’ve had in quite some time. Notice I said talent. They are not consistent and most of them haven’t proved anything, except CJ. Britt, Washington, Wright, and Cook all have talent, but have all made more than a few mistakes throughout the course of this season.

With the offensive talent the Titans have there are a couple of OC guys that I would love to see the Titans go after.  The first is Pete Carmichael Jr. who is the OC for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have one of the most balanced offenses in the league and utilize every skill position player effectively. If Pete Carmichael is unable to leave due to it being a lateral move for his career then another guy I like is Joe Lombardi. Lombardi is the New Orleans Saints QB coach. Look at what he has done working with Drew Brees. Lombardi has worked very closely with Carmichael in coordinating the passing attack. He is also the grandson of Vince Lombardi.

Philip Lytle (Contributor) – 

I have no idea.  I’ve been thinking of names for the past few days, and I can’t think of anyone that really gets my blood pumping.  I’m sure there will be some good coaching prospects available when the season ends, but personally, I don’t want a re-tread.  I don’t want a Norv Turner, no matter how much success he had back in the day.  I don’t want anyone like that, no matter what their pedigree is.  I want someone young, hungry, and talented.  Which is one reason I am very excited to see what Dowell Loggains can do the final five games of the season. Maybe that’s my answer.  If Loggains can turn this offense into something more dangerous and more consistent in a short period of time, then I am more than willing to let him keep the job in 2013.

Josh Gunnels (Contributor) – Jason Garrett (Current HC for Dallas Cowboys)

Okay.  I know this one is far fetched, but hear me out:  Jerry Jones can’t fill Jerry World without getting to the playoffs.  The Cowboys are sub .500 and third in the NFC East. Wade Phillips couldn’t hack it in Dallas with all of their hand selected talent, and so far neither has the golden child Garrett.  He’s a proven Offensive Coordinator, but really seems overwhelmed with all the other head coaching duties. Clock management, team preparedness, and game-day situations aren’t his strong suit.  If the Texans can take Wade Philips off the Cowboys leftovers and turn their defense from worse to first, then I say we do the same thing with Garrett on offense.  Let Munchak do the managing and let Jason Garrett call the plays.

Myles McDonald (Contributor) – Ron Turner (Currently QB Coach for Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Ron Turner is an unlucky coach, who’s never gotten enough respect or opportunity in the NFL.  His most recent stop as an OC was in Chicago, from 2005-2009.  As a reminder, his quarterback choices for three of those years were Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton.  In his final season, he had the opportunity to work with Jay Cutler, a big improvement.  Of course, he also had the bad luck to be saddled with one of the pass-blocking lines since the David Carr Texans era, and his best wide receiver was Earl Bennett.

Turner has done an excellent job with Freeman, and managed to make Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton look serviceable in this league.  His offenses in Chicago weren’t the best, but he maximized their talent as best as he could, and utilized “tricky” players like Devin Hester to the best extent possible.  Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson, and Matt Forte all made their careers under his tutelage.  I think he would make an excellent addition to the Titans coaching staff, and would take Locker from potential franchise QB to a top 10 QB in the league.

So what do you guys think? Did any of us hit the nail on the head? Did all of us whiff completely? Agree 100% with someone’s selection? Be sure to let us know what you think here on the boards?

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