Tennessee Titans V Houston Texans: Game Recap


Dec 2, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker (10) is tackled by Houston Texans defensive end Jared Crick (93) during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

The Tennessee Titans fall to the Texans 24 -10.

The Tennessee Titans did everything they could to lose this game and they did.  Here’s the bullet points.

Right Tackle Dave Stewart is out for the season with a fractured leg.  Our new old man on the line (Hutchinson) came out with a leg injury and at one point Roos went down as well.  The offensive line was rearranged through out the game untill we ended up with Mthews, Velascoe, Otto, Lutui, and an injured Roos.  The original and makeshift line gave up 6 sacks on the day.

New Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains seemed like he was playing scared.  Every throw for Jake Locker came from the pocket, and after the line began to deteriorate further, he showed no innovation or adjustments in play action or rolling the pocket in order to buy Locker a little time.  Locker looked uncomfortable for the entire first half and by then the damage was done.  Things started picking up in the second half but every drive found a way to die.

The Titans had 6 turnovers and 6 sacks.  Fumbles and interceptions killed any chance the Titans could have ever had.

Drops, drops, and more drops.  The wide receivers and tight ends that have had so many fans clamoring about talent-wise dropped an amazing amount off balls today.  Many drives ended with the the ball bouncing off the hands of a “play-maker”.  Kendall Wright was the worst culprit, but everyone got involved.  Including Taylor Thompson, Nate Washington and Kenny Britt.

The defense played well believe it or not.  Other than Michael Griffin’s huge miss on the first drive of the game, which led to a long touchdown strike, the defense held their own.  They forced the Texans to punt 10 times and came close on a couple of turnovers themselves.  The offense put the points on the board for the Texans for them.  2 touchdowns and a field goal came off a total of 27 yards!  That’s right, 27 yards!  When the defense wasn’t put on the short field they actually held their own today.

Other than that, everything was peachy keen, and the Titans strategically moved up another slot on the draft board.

Oh yeah, and Kenny Britt was too pissed to talk to the media after the game.