Tennessee Titans: The Silver Lining Week 12


Nov 25, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Dwight Lowery (25) returns an interception as Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) tries to stop him in the fourth quarter of their game at EverBank Field. The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Tennessee Titans 24-19. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

The Tennessee Titans loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars has produced a lot of doom and gloom among the fan base.  As well it should.  However, this is the first article in what will be a weekly series where, win or lose, we will try and find the good in the Titans’ Sunday performance.

I was hoping the this article would write itself after the Tennessee Titans showed up in Florida and waxed the Jags.  Alas, this is not the case.  Yet there are still some nuggets to gleam from the wreckage for the eternal optimist.

The Titan’s Front Seven

Seven sacks!  That’s right, seven!
Where have these guys been all year?  It looks like a bye week for Jerry Gray, as well as a little heat under his seat has done some good.  We finally got to see some of the blitz schemes that we’ve been hearing about since the off season   They didn’t really help in the overall result, but if you’re going to give up plays in the secondary anyways, you might as well hit the QB a few times.  That’s a good way to get turnovers.

Gray has started throwing our drafted talent at the offensive backfield like a scorned lover throws clothing out a second story window.  What does he have to lose?

Zach Brown especially looked good and came away with 2 sacks on his own, while even Karl Klug who has been MIA all year even reappeared for a sack as well.

The Secondary

Ha! Nothing to say here….

Position of Need

This is a stretch for a “silver lining”, but there really wasn’t that much good to find.  Feeling like you really need a lot of different players isn’t a good thing.  So with the development of the defensive scheme, and how well the linebackers are being used in helping with the pass rush, has aided in narrowing our greatest positions of need.

Up to this point a pass rushing defensive end has been the consensus position of need for the Titans, followed by offensive guard and safety.  With the better play coming from both of the lines, safety has become the glaring hole on the field for the Titans.  In the past the Titans have drafted best player available, which I normally agree with.  This time, however, the Titans need to move up, down or sideways and take the best strong safety available in the first round.  Period.

Know When To Fold ‘Em

Well…here’s the best for last.  The true silver lining from the Jags beating the Titans was the sacrificing of Chris Palmer.  Whether this was Munchak’s call or Bud’s, I can’t argue with it.  Personally I hope this was Munchak doing what needed to be done.  Gray gets a longer leash because of the youth and lack of proven talent on his side of the ball.  Palmer, however, has no such excuses.  As discussed in this previous article, Palmer has been unable implement his scheme effectively.  This was yet another game where the receivers and quarterback (this happened with Hasselbeck too) are arguing and discussing the routes they each thought the other one was going to run way too often.  This happens in every NFL game once or twice, but never to the degree with which has happened since Palmer’s arrival.

Palmer did exactly what I feared over the bye week and tried to conjure up plays that the defense couldn’t cover, and sadly our offense couldn’t keep up with either.  Another day of confusion and field goals by the offense has led to his firing.  We’ll see how Dowell Loggains does after taking over.  Let’s hope he just let’s our talent play!

Anyone see anything else good on Sunday?