The Titans Continue Their Inconsistency in Jacksonville


Nov.11, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Tennessee Titans cornerback Jason McCourty (30) blocks a pass intended for Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline (82) during the second half at Sun Life Stadium. Tennessee won 37-3. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Tennessee Titans continue to amaze me. They are a team that takes a strong step forward, but it is followed by a huge leap backwards. The defensive playcalling was nearly perfect for 70% of the game Sunday, but when it was off, it was way off.

The Titans sacked Chad henne 7 times, yes 7, and still lost. Akeem Ayers, Zach Brown, and Kamerion Wimbley were playing as well as any rushing trio in the NFL, but they were impaired by a safety duo that couldn’t contain the big play.

Cecil Shorts continued his stretch of big plays against

Jordan Babineaux

the Titans when he took a skinny post to the house. Justin Blackmon looked like an average rookie at times, but then Terrel Owens on a few occasions. Don’t get me wrong, the whole game wasn’t embarrassing, there were plenty of bright spots in the loss to the Jaguars.

The defensive line wreaked havoc on the world for the majority of the first half, though they seemed extremely tired halfway through the third. Zach Brown and Akeem Ayers look to be the best 2nd round picks in a long time, if not ever for the Titans. Alteraun Verner got a nice interception of a Sen’Derrick Marks tipped ball. Marks has been playing much better in his contract year, I’d like to see us resign him if the price is right.

The dark spots seemed that much worse considering it was against the jaguars, a team that is 20th or worse in every team category related to the NFL. Colin McCarthy is very limited with that ankle, he got ran over and ran around on a few occasions, which is very unlikely for The General. Michael griffin, despite a few big plays, lacked the consistency needed in the leader we signed him to be. Big Play Babs allowed too many big plays.

I do not want to blame Jerry Gray for this loss, rather praise him on the good things we saw. In the end, Michael Griffin just is not a good tackler, he never was. Babs is not an athlete, he never was. Gray had JB  inposition to seperate Shorts, but Babs whiffed it. In a game with 7 sacks and several turnovers the blame can’t always fall on the coaches, sometimes players just make mistakes. Sometimes players just lack the talent needed to win games in this league. The future is bright in Tennessee, but for now we have to deal with the lumps.