Tennessee Titans: Palmer Shouldn’t Have been Hired


Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

So now that the Tennessee Titans have fired Chris Palmer, I have to ask a simple question: Why did they even hire him in the first place? I can’t seem to get that question out of my head.

Two years ago when the Titans hired Chris Palmer as Offensive Coordinator they sold it to the public that he had a very good track record with young QBs and planned on bringing a variation of the run n shoot offense to Tennessee. This was supposed to be a great start to the career of Jake Locker, the franchise QB. With Matt Hasselbeck throwing for the 4th most yards in a season by an Oilers/Titans QB, the expectations were very high heading into this year. So what happened?

Before the beginning of last season the NFL had the lock out so it was very difficult for Palmer to install his offense. Instead what we saw last year was mainly a hold over of Mike Heimerdinger’s offense. Sure, there were a few concepts that were added but the offense was largely a holdover. This offensive success of last year had many people thinking that the Titans were on the verge of an offensive explosion for the 2012 season.

Palmer’s offense has proven to be difficult to master in the season’s first 11 games. What seemed like a very good offense with multiple route options for receivers to run has quite possibly stunted the growth of franchise QB Jake Locker. This offense is the same offense that the New York Giants run. Do the Giants have a bad offense? They have a great offense. Its not a bad offense, but it does take time to learn.

Palmer, unfortunately was the scapegoat for what has turned out to be another average year for the Titans, or maybe less than average. Were there any smoke and mirrors involved in his hiring. You know what you were getting and now that the season has not panned out the way you wanted it to then you have to blame someone and that’s Palmer.

There were also grumblings that the players didn’t get along with Palmer. You know what, who cares! Just because a coach is a player’s coach doesn’t mean they’re going to play harder or win more. Jeff Fisher was always considered one of the best player’s coaches in the league. How did that work out? There were also more than a few times where his teams seemed to have quit or played less than good football. Anyone remember a certain 59-0 drubbing by the Pats?

So now let’s get to Dowell Loggains. You know what, all I’ve heard and read for almost a day now is how high the Titans are on him. I’ve read that Jeff Fisher and Jim Schwartz think the world of him. If they think so much of him then why did they not try to hire him as OC when they took their jobs in St. Louis and Detroit respectively. Why were they not interested in hiring him? Better yet, why was he never a serious consideration for the Titans OC position when they hired Chris Palmer. Seems like it would make sense doesn’t it? I mean, an up and coming offensive mind who is cut in the mold of Mike Heimerdinger. A player’s coach that everyone likes. Why in the world would he not be hired as the OC before Palmer.

The Oilers/Titans have always been an average organization and they will continue to be as long as they continue to make horrible personnel decisions.  If Loggains is as good as everybody says he is then Locker could have benefitted greatly by working with him for the past two years as opposed to learning one offense and now having to learn another in his 2nd season.

Once again, the disappointment grows in Titans land as the team possibly looks to take another step back in the perpetual rebuilding of the franchise. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat my friends!

What say you?

Shawn Eagle

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