Tennessee Titans: Titans Fool Us Once More


Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

Did you as a fan feel bamboozled, feel fooled, feel letdown once more this season after watching the latest Tennessee Titans stinker of a game? Three weeks after Bud Adams put everyone on notice, we’re right back to the drawing board with this team.

The Titans were coming off of an impressive victory of the Dolphins two weeks ago, and a bye this past week. Even though they had time to rest, relax, eat some turkey and prepare for the Jaguars. Most teams don’t need two weeks to prepare for the Jaguars but it seemed like could have used a month. Yes, I said a month, to prepare for a team that was 1-9 heading into yesterday.

Did I also mention that the Titans are now winless in the AFC South! Awesome, I know! Not only are they winless in the AFC South, when watching them play sometimes it just seems like they don’t give a damn.

I really thought that with Locker starting, it would provide a spark, and it did against the Dolphins but not yesterday against the Jags. Yes he finished 23-40 which isn’t bad, but he averaged 6.5 yards a pass and threw 2 ints. Locker also led the offense to only convert 6 of 15 3rd down conversions. Although Locker finally led the Titans on a touchdown drive in the 4th quarter it was too little too late. On the next possession he threw a pass that looked like it might have been for Jared Cook, which was intercepted and led to a Jags field goal to seal the win.

Chris Johnson, who has been on fire also found the game to be a bit tougher than expected as he only averaged 3.8 yards a carry and ran for 80 yards on the day. He had a 31 yard run late in the game that really helped his running stats. CJ also caught 2 passes for 29 yards on the day. He did a fantastic job of lowering his shoulder and getting every yard he could. Overall, CJ looked very good but he had very few running lanes for most of the afternoon.

Our receivers yesterday looked phenomenal!!!! Yes that is me being sarcastic! For all the talent that people talk about us having in the receiving corps, they simply don’t play like it. I would like to say that this is the best receiving corps that we’ve had in years, but you know what? It’s not. Good receivers catch the ball consistently! Good receivers know where the first down marker is at and get there, with both feet down! Good receivers know where the sideline is, catch the ball, and get inbounds, with both feet down, and they do it consistently. Our receivers don’t do any of that, at any time, in any game.

The inconsistencies that this team faces every week are excruciating. There is no offensive flow. The defense looks good blitzing but can’t cover. The only consistent thing this team does across the board is play inconsistent football. This team is a long way away from competing for any kind of championship. Don’t believe me? Look at our record. Look at how the front office manages this team.

What say you?

Shawn Eagle

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