Tennessee Titans Fall to Jacksonville Jaguars, Fall Out of Playoff Race.


Nov 25, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon (14) pushes away from Jacksonville Jaguars running back Montell Owens (24) on a 23-yard pass reception in the fourth quarter of their game at EverBank Field. Blackmon scored a touchdown two plays later. The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Tennessee Titans 24-19. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

The Tennessee Titans bid farewell to their playoff hopes with a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon. Without the ability to move the ball on offense, the Titans defense was forced to rely on their defense again, a formula that hasn’t worked out well this season and didn’t work out today, obviously.

Jacksonville played with enthusiasm and heart, something that was hard to find on the Titans side of the ball. There were moments that the Titans showed vigor, and they did come out with a season high seven team facts, but the offensive side of the ball had plenty of issues. Receivers dropped key passes, ones that would have changed the game. They also had trouble getting both feet in bounds.

I don’t know how the Titans deal with this issue. They had to play like there was no tomorrow, but they didn’t. The odds of them making the playoffs are astronomical now. All they can play for is a little respect, and perhaps, some consistency. Maybe even play to save some peoples jobs.

The Jaguars played lights out and you have to tip your hat to them. They’ve struggled, obviously, but seem to be finding rhythm behind QB Chad Henne. They’re well out of the playoff race, but they pulled out enough heart today to play the spoiler for the Titans and they earned it.

The Titans had too many drives that stalled out before the red zone and ended in field goals instead of touchdowns. It hurt even more so when the Titans were down by two points late in the fourth quarter, a spot where they could of had a one point lead had Bironas not missed a field goal. Instead, they needed to move the ball fast and instead Locker threw an interception, bringing any real hopes at coming back to an end.

With all said and done, it’s time for the Titans to start assessing what they have on their team. There’s players who shouldn’t come back next season, and probably coaches too. They’ve got time galore between now and the draft to make these decisions, so why not start focusing on that, seems as playoff dreams have hit the dirt. It’s also time to start pushing Jake Locker even more. It’s obvious that he still has room to grow. But we’ll save that for another article.

To Jaguars fans, congrats. Your team played well and deserved the win. To Titans fans, we’ll just have to swallow this pill and move on. This team is young and few people saw them as a Super Bowl worthy team this year. As always, we’re left waiting for next year. There’s going to be changes coming to this team. I still think this team has loads of talent, it’s just not being used correctly.

We’ll do our best to keep you well informed here at TitanSized.com.

Hold your head up. We’ll make it through this together.

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