Tennessee Titans VS Indianapolis Colts: Three Titans to Watch


You know things are bad when the latest image I can find is from preseason…

The Tennessee Titans can either move to 2nd in the AFC South or fall to 3rd, depending on whether they win or lose this game against the Indianapolis Colts. This is a first time in a long time that both teams seem pretty evenly matched. As always, the Titans playoff hopes seem to be riding on this game.

Here’s the Titans who hold the keys to winning this game:

MLB Colin McCarthy

He should be back out on the field tomorrow after an extended absence. That doesn’t mean he’ll be at full though. The Titans won’t get to enjoy a fully healthy McCarthy this year. That being said, any McCarthy is better than no McCarthy. He seems to be the glue that holds the defense together, and while he won’t be playing at the top of his game, his presence should make a difference.

Will it be enough? Well, that I can’t say. McCarthy is better than anyone else while being injured, but last time we saw him out there with that taped ankle he was limited in what he could do. There’s a reason he’s on the watch list.

FS/SS Michael Griffin

He leads all safeties with 13 missed tackles. QB’s can’t miss a throw when throwing his way. There’s not a much good coming from Griffin right now. Add in the fact that he’ll be facing former Titan WR Donnie Avery and WR Reggie Wayne and you start to feel a little squeamish. Griffin has to play better this game. He has to, or the Colts will shred the defense and put all the weight of winning on a offense led by Hasselbeck’s shaky arm.

Griffin could definitely be the difference between a win and a loss Sunday.

QB Matt Hasselbeck

I just beat down on him in the previous sentences, but Hasselbeck still has some great things he can do. When he gets on a role, he does a great job of running a no-huddle offense and seems to be able to get the ball in the end-zone at the end of games, which is what you need from your starting QB. That being said, I’ll turn to his dark side again. Hasselbeck can really be bad with his accuracy, he never utilizes Jared Cook fully, and he doesn’t have anything near the mobility that Jake Locker does.

I didn’t think I’d have this much Jake Locker love at the beginning of the season, but the guy really impressed me and showed me how much better this offense could be under him.

Lucky for Hasselbeck, the line seems to be back to blocking form in the run game, though they will most likely be without LT Roos. If they can get the run game going, Hass will just have to focus on not making simple mistakes. He can do that.

This should be a great game against two up and coming teams. It should have been the first time Locker and Luck met to do battle, but we’ll just have to wait until later in the season for that, I guess. Hopefully these three Titans show up in fine form, or at least two of the three.

I wouldn’t want to ask for too much.

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