The Impact Play: Tennessee Titans Jason McCourty Intercepts Ryan Fitzpatrick



The Impact Play is a feature here at Titan Sized where we take a look at the play had the biggest effect on the outcome of the Tennessee Titans game. Sometimes it can be a great play that shifts momentum in our favor to clinch the victory, while other times, it can be a blown assignment or other big-time mistake that allows the game to slip out of our hands.

This week, as the  Titans narrowly edged the Bills 35-34, we will take a look at the interception by Jason McCourty with 3:03 left in the 4th quarter that allowed the offense to make the final drive that clinched the game for us.

We see the Bills lined up in a five WR Shotgun formation, while Tennessee is lined up in a less traditional 4-5-2 to match the receiver set. The defensive backs are all lined up 5-7 yards out in a zone, as evidenced by the 3:2 ratio of receivers to cornerbacks on the right side of the field.

One second into the play, protection is holding up well as there are no bodies on Fitzpatrick. Derrick Morgan at the top of the screen is making a move on the offensive lineman and is in the process of spinning off of him.

Another second in, Morgan has gotten to the quarterback. Fitzpatrick, no doubt as a result, has decided to let it fly to his receiver, and is able to get it off just before he is hit.

Lo and behold, the only person in position to make a play on the ball is that of Jason McCourty, who positions himself perfectly to notch his second interception in two weeks.

Within moments, the Bills receiver is on McCourty before he can get up to make any progress, but the damage has been done, setting us up for the go ahead touchdown drive to ensue.

What did we learn? That an effective pass rush is a necessary component of an effective defense, and that when executed correctly, the Titans can come up with big plays like this one.

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