Tennessee Titans: Three to Watch VS the Pittsburgh Steelers


Oct 7, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Tennessee Titans tight end Jared Cook (89) celebrates his touchdown with Kenny Britt (18) during the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

The Tennessee Titans are running out of time to turn the season around. Last year they almost made the playoffs as an 9-7 team, but I wouldn’t count on that this year. There’s a lot of pressure on the Titans this game and they know it. Here’s three players the Titans need to have big games tonight if they want to turn things around:

QB Matt Hasselbeck

He was on the list last week… and basically did everything opposite of what he needed to do; he threw half of his passes into the ground, he couldn’t move the offense, and he couldn’t breath life into the offense after sucking it out of them for three quarters. He needs to be energized. He needs to be accurate. Most of all, he needs to utilize all his weapons.

Jake Locker hits nearly every receiver on the roster. Hasselbeck needs to be able to do the same thing. There’s more than just Nate Washington out there.

WR Kenny Britt

I think this is finally it. Britt sounds like he finally feels 100%. He has his confidence back, he’s healthy, and the Titans need him. Britt was a beast in his first few games with Hasselbeck last year until he was injured. Hasselbeck could really use him to lean on again. This could be his coming out party. The Titans have to be hoping it is.

Britt has to be hoping it is as well. Next year is a contract year and between his health and his off the field issues, he hasn’t given the Titans much reason to give him another contract.

FS Michael Griffin

Speaking of contracts, Griff just signed a big one and whether he’s playing bad or being put in a bad position, he’s just not playing up to it. Last week we finally saw him trying to put hits on people, but they only one that actually connected was a helmet to helmet one that ended up being a big penalty on what was an incomplete pass anyways.

The Titans need him to be the playmaker they know he can be and he needs to make the secondary something more than two guys standing 30 yards off the line of scrimmage; make an interception, force a turnover, layout a guy catching the ball. Whatever it is, just bring something to the table. The team needs you.

Notice a theme?

The offense has to bring it to the table tonight. It’s go big or go home time, especially for Hasselbeck. He was supposed to be a solid backup for Jake Locker but has yet to show he can put up numbers anything resembling those of Locker’s. The defense has issues, sure, but this offense is putting so much weight on the defense that it’s impossible to tell what their deficiencies really are.

Let’s hope these guys show up tonight. I can’t stand watching another beating….

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