Tennessee Titans Vs. Houston Texans: Fansided Editor’s Q & A


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Good day, everybody. This is Jason Peters coming at you with another week of Q & A from various Fansided Editors across the network. This week, we discuss the upcoming game between the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans with Riley Cavanagh, Editor of ToroTimes.com

Titan Sized: J.J. Watt has been having a fantastic year (5.5 sacks), but the Texans have a number of other weapons on defense. Watts aside, who should the Titans keep an eye on, and what will we have to do to stop them?


Toro Times: J.J. has been having a special year. I’ve never seen a 3-4 defensive end put up the numbers he has and I’d say he’s having a better year this year than Mario Williams ever had with the franchise. Other than that the weapons you have to look out for are going to be Connor Barwin who is hungry for his first sack, Johnathan Joseph who has played like one of the best corners in the league this year, and our young receiving corps who are capable of making big plays.

Titan Sized: It has been argued that the Texans have the leagues best defense. Do you agree with this statement, and if so, why?

Toro Times: I do believe the Texans have the best defense in the league because no one can bring the pressure we can with four guys. On third down when the defense can pin their ears back, we have J.J., Antonio Smith, Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed coming after you with corners that we trust to leave on an island if you want to bring more blitzers.

Titan Sized: Who do you think is more underrated: QB Matt Schaub or CB Johnathon Joseph?

Toro Times: For the longest time I thought it was Schaub, but after a recent Forbes article which listed Joseph as the second most overpaid NFL player, I would have to say Joseph. There hasn’t been a player on this team that has had a more immediate impact on making us better than he did last year, and he restructured his deal this summer to get us far enough under the cap to re-sign Matt Schaub to that huge extension.

Titan Sized: Gary Kubiak has been given a number of opportunities in Houston, and it looks like all of the franchises patience has paid off. Have Texan fans embraced him, or has there been frustration with the amount of time it has taken for him to get the team to the next level?

Toro Times: I was one of the leaders of the rebellion against the front office when Kubiak was allowed to come back last year. I heard all of the rumors of Bill Cowher wanting to coach us and thought it was a no brainer. However, they showed that they obviously know the team better than I do because by adding the best defensive coordinator in the league in Wade Phillips they completely turned the team around.

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