Apologies from the Tennessee Titans


Oh behalf of the Tennessee Titans, I would like to issue a few apologies:

Tom Brady (and every other Quarterback that will be facing the Titans this season):

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you will be spending so much time with your face in the grass. I’m sorry that after you play the Titans you will cry yourself to sleep, only to dream about Casey, Wimbley, Klug, and Morgan pile-driving you into the ground. Mr. Brady, fortunately for you, you only have to play the Titans once. Feel extra sorry for Matt Schaub, Blaine Gabbert, and Andrew Luck. They get to be punching bags two times in 2012.

National Media:

I’m sorry that you don’t pay attention to the Tennessee Titans. It’s your loss. If Mike Munchak had been the first-time head coach for the Dallas Cowboys last year, and taken his team to a 9-7 record with no real offseason, a brand new QB, and no running game, you – the media elite – would have lost your collective minds.

Instead, it appears that many in your ranks are doing everything they can to either ignore the Titans, or to prove that they were one of the worst 9-7 teams of all time. Some have even picked them to be one of the eight worst teams in the league in 2012. I’m sorry that you are going to look really dumb when the 2012 season comes to an end.

Jake Locker doubters:

I’m sorry that you want to overlook this kid. That’s ok. He will be just fine with or without your approval and attention. In fact, he will be more than fine. Locker is a special player. It might take some time to see how truly special he is, but those of us that have been paying attention know one thing: Locker gets it. He will outwork everyone else to improve his game. When he makes a mistake, he will learn from it.

He has the physical skills to be a star in the NFL, and he has the work ethic to hone and sharpen those skills. Now all he needs is time and experience. The 2012 season will give him just that. Get on the bandwagon now, because in a few months, it’s going to be way too crowded for you to join.

Other NFL stadiums:

I’m sorry that your Jumbotrons are lame compared to the two at LP Field. That’s too bad. I’m sorry that your game-day festivities won’t include a special appearance by Pat “Freaking” Summitt as the 12th Titan at the 2012 home opener. At least you can host the Little League championship team…oh wait…you can’t. The Titans are doing that as well later in the season. You just aren’t getting any breaks!

From 1999 through 2003, the Titans stadium was one of the most difficult places to play. It was loud, it was full, and it was totally engaged. Years of Jeff Fisher lead mediocrity diminished some of that enthusiasm, but things are changing. 2012 is the year that the LP Field gets its mojo back.

I’m sorry you other stadiums will have to live in that shadow for the foreseeable future.

Titans’ 2012 opponents:

I feel bad for you. I really do. You are in for a world of pain and disappointment.

Mike Munchak is a no-nonsense kind of coach. He expects his players to be professionals at all times, and this team is quickly adopting his mindset and philosophy. That is all sorts of bad news for their opponents in 2012. If you take the Titans for granted, they will punch you in the mouth and step on your throat – probably not literally, but you get the idea.

If you face the Titans fully prepared, be fully prepared for a battle. This team is not going to roll over for anyone.

If you put a big W next to the Titans on your schedule at the beginning of the season, I’m sorry to tell you, but you just wasted your ink and your time. Take that schedule and rip it up, burn it, and then bury it. Because if Munchak and the Titans find out about it, the consequences will be most severe.