Tennessee Titans Top Three Strengths


Yesterday I listed what I think are the Tennessee Titans top three weaknesses headed into the season, and as promised, now I’ll be listing what I believe to be the Titans top three strengths. It’s the start of a fresh new season, one in which the Titans hope to improve upon last year’s record. They’ve got some good things going for them.

Here’s the top three:

The defensive line

Crazy, right? The Titans biggest weakness from 2011 may very well be their biggest strength headed into the 2012 season. Last year the Titans drafted two promising DT’s last year that will look to truly blossom this year; Karl Klug and Jurrell Casey. Add on the fact that they added another great DT in this years draft and possibly have the best depth they’ve ever had at the position, and things are looking pretty good.

The Titans also went out and grabbed Kamerion Wimbley in hopes of increasing sack numbers. Derrick Morgan also looks as if he may finally turn into the player they originally thought they’d get when the drafted him. The D-line is looking good.

The linebackers

Another group that was revamped via last year’s draft. Colin McCarthy made a lot of plays in his short time on the field last season and is poised to have a big season this year. Akeem Ayers started day one for the Titans last year after being drafted in the second round, but was slow at picking up on the NFL pace of things. After a year’s worth of starts and a defensive scheme that’s finally fully installed, I think we’ll see a much better Ayers this year.

The Receivers

I beat down on them in yesterday’s article for being inconsistent, but their just as big of a strength as they are a weakness. This is, without a doubt, the most talented group of receivers the Tennessee Titans have ever fielded. That’s a fact. Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright, Jared Cook, and Nate Washington. That alone should be enough to make you excited.

Britt escaped with only a one game suspension, but most likely the coaches will be easing him back on to the field, not wanting to rush him back after his injury. Even with that, the Titans are going to field a passing offense that will have to be accounted for by opposing teams defenses. Hopefully that means good things for CJ, but we’ll see.

The Titans have their share of woes, but I am pretty excited about everything else. They’re fielding lots of potential this year. Hopefully it all comes to fruition.

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