Tennessee Titans’ Finalized Roster


Yesterday saw a lot of NFL players getting cut from their respective teams as they tried to get their rosters down to 53. Here’s who made the Tennessee Titans final cut, mind you, with all the players just released, teams often make additional moves to sign somebody of interest.

Let’s look at the offensive side of the depth chart first:

No real surprises here, though it is interesting to see TE Craig Stevens listed as the starting FB. There are another couple of things that stand out. The Titans only have five WR’s and have spoken about using five-wide a few times. If somebody gets injured, do they plan on using Cookie or CJ as the fifth?

The Titans also feel a little thin on the 0-line. If somebody goes down, there are going to be some no names filling in. With the way the o-line played during the preseason, I don’t think I want to see anyone forced into this lineup after an injury. It already looks like backups playing.

Now let’s day a look at the defensive part of the depth chart:

I was a little surprised when the Titans chose to stick with CB Ryan Mouton over CB Chris Hawkins. Hawkins played well last year against the Saints, while Mouton has yet to prove his worth. Hawkins did have some poor play in the preseason finale against the Saints, though.

I’m happy to see DT DaJohn Harris made the roster. He showed worth in the final game where he recorded a sack, forced fumble, and fumble recovery. With the five DT’s we’ve got on the roster, we’re looking amazing at that spot.

Keyunta Dawson made the roster at the DE position. It makes sense, not wanting to have a rookie as the primary backup to Kamerion Wimbley.

Safety Robert Johnson also managed to stick on the roster. I’m still not his biggest fan. Safety is still a need heading into this next draft; a big one.

And let’s take a quick look at special teams:

Nothing surprising here. Damian Williams is listed as second on the list behind Darius Reynaud for both kick and punt returns. That only makes sense as Williams was drafted to be our return man before Mariani outshined him. He’s also less valuable as a receiver, compared to Kendall Wright. You don’t want to risk injuring a top receiver on a return.

Reynaud should be able to handle returns just fine if preseason was an indication of anything.

Nothing’s set in stone here as I mentioned earlier. There are a few FA hitting the wire that the Titans could be interested in bringing in, chief of which could be C Dan Koppen, who they had brought in back in April. With Amano’s injury taking him out for the season, the Titans could use some more solidarity there.

Just a thought. What do you think?

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