Tennessee Titans VS New Orleans Saints: The Game That Shouldn’t Have Been


The Tennessee Titans beat the New Orleans Saints last night, 10-6, but it wasn’t worth the time and money put into that game. The Saints played about two of their starters, and that’s including both offense and defense.

The Titans, meanwhile, sat a little over five of their starters, most of which were defensive players.

Jake Locker was far from impressive, overthrowing a seemingly lost Damian Williams and struggling with placement on a few additional passes. Jared Cook probably had the biggest forehead slapping moment of the night when he failed to realize he was standing out of bounds while wide open, causing the pass thrown to him to be ruled incomplete.

Darius Reynaud seemed to be the one bright spot on offense, showing effort on every play and nearly reversing the entire field for a touchdown on one play, though his foot was snagged just as he was about to break free.

The Titans defense was better, forcing multiple 3-and-outs.

Mike Martin continued to be a force, meanwhile another rookie DT DaJohn Harris made his argument for making the roster, recording a sack, forced fumble, and recovered fumble all on one play.

I was particularly unimpressed with CB Chris Hawkins performance. He had a couple of okay plays, but most of what I saw was disappointing.

By the end of the game I was wishing the Titans had never had to play the Saints. It was the Saints fifth preseason game. Fifth. The fourth preseason game for teams is usually pretty null and void, but some how, the Saints were given five preseason games and the Titans drew the short straw of having to play against them.

It would have been more fruitful to have banged their heads against a wall, or at least it would have been for me.

Thank god preseasons over. Lets get on to the real games. Time to see what Jake Locker and the guys have.

Bring it on Pats.

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