Tennessee Titans Making Cuts to Create 53 Man Roster


The Tennessee Titans have begun slimming down their roster to meet the 53-man limit. Last night was the last chance for guys to show what they’ve got and there was ample opportunity after the first couple of quarters. I’ll be updating this list throughout the day to keep up with the latest roster moves.

Here’s who has been cut thus far:

DE Maclom Sheppard

Hard to stick on the Titans team as a defensive lineman this year. They’ve just got so much talent up front. He certainly won’t be the last one released.

WR James Kirkendoll

Another position without a lot of room. Mariani’s injury made a little more room, but not enough for Kirkendoll. This is an expected casualty.

WR DJ Woods

Another expected cut. Woods was heralded as a return man but that spot will clearly be taken by RB Darius Reynaud.

OL Kyle DeVan

Nothing much to say here. Backup guy who wasn’t better than our other backups.

TE Branden Barden

Another guy’s name you didn’t hear very often this preseason.

OL Michael Jasper

I can’t even say anything about him. I hardly new he was on the roster.

WR Michael Preston

Big target, but that’s all he seems to be. Not enough to qualify for the 53-roster. You’ve got to have something special.

TE Cameron Graham

Another guy who never had a shot. I actually like Graham, but with Cookie, Stevens, and Thompson, he never had a shot.

OL Chris Morris

I won’t lie. I don’t ever recall having heard this guys name before.

S Tracy Wilson

Wilson didn’t stand out and came in as the bottom man anyways. No surprise here.

FB Collin Mooney

Mooney was battling it out with Quinn Johnson and has apparently lost. Watch for him on the practice squad.

CB Chris Hawkins

This was a tough one for the Titans. Hawkins played well last year when he started against the Saints. Looks like Ryan Mouton will be safe.

WR Devin Aguilar

Another receiver who would of had a tough time unseating any of the Titans main receivers.

DT Lamar Divens

Divens was brought on as a practice body and leaves as such. The Titans have too much talents at DT. DaJohn Harris has twice to chance of sticking, and I still don’t think they’ll have room for him.

CB Terrence Wheatley

Waived/injured with a settlement. Never had a chance after his injury during the practice with the Falcons.

DE/DT Leger Douzable (to IR)

I had a feeling he wouldn’t make it. The Titans have too much talent on the d-line and I felt there were other people deserving of that roster spot, and apparently so did the Titans.

OG Ryan Durrand

He fractured his leg against the Saints. That’s a deal sealer.

DT Zach Clayton

A casualty of a really good group of DT’s is why Clayton finds himself a free agent right now. I expect to see him on the Titans practice squad.

LB Kevin Malast (to IR)

Lots of injuries this preseason. Luckily, none of these guys were huge parts of the team.

S Aaron Francisco

This is the last of them. Don’t be too surprised if he ends up on the Titans practice squad. He’s a good special teams player and the Titans still feel a little thin at safety.

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