Titan Sized Fantasy Football Draft Recap


Titan Sized recently concluded our very first Fantasy Football draft. Staff and readers were present for the epic, 20-team draft. We had nearly a full house (I believe 17 made it live to draft), and everyone’s patience was definitely tried as the proceedings lasted well upwards of two hours. Some notes of interest:

– The draft was moving along according to plan as Foster was taken first overall by Titan Sized writer Matt Ward, followed by Rice, McCoy & Rodgers. That’s when Titan Sized reader Angel Pagourtzis threw a wrench in the system and drafted Cam Newton no. 5 overall, before the likes of Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

– Reader Ryan Morris also surprised when he took the injured Adrian Peterson at no. 11 overall.

– Drafting in a 20-team league is difficult, especially at the running back position. Any given week, no less than 40 RB’s will be playing. As you can imagine, that stretches one pretty thin at the position, especially in light of the injuries that will invariably take place.

– RB Ryan Mathews, typically going around 5 or 6 overall previously, was drafted 39 overall post-injury.

– Two Titans went far higher than usual on account of homerism. Kendall Wright was taken in the fourth round (72 overall) by our illustrious Editor Justin Stewart, and Jake Locker was also taken in the fourth round (79 overall) by reader Richard Donovan. Given that this is a 20-team league, this is the equivalent of an eighth round selection in a more traditional 10 team league.

– Andre Johnson fell to 27 overall. No word if that’s because of injury or playing for the Texans in a Titans Fan League.

– Post injury, Trent Richardson fell from 5 overall to 24 overall.

– People do not look kindly on the potential of Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick,  Mark Sanchez,  Sam Bradford, or Matt Cassel. (Drafted between 139 and 182 overall). All of these quarterbacks have contracts that average over $10 million annually.

Overall there was a lot to take away from the draft. You can click here to view the draft in it’s entirety, which aside from giving you a glimpse into how our draft went, is also a useful guide for any upcoming fantasy drafts you may have. Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll keep you posted as to how the league goes throughout the season.

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