Tennessee Titans’ Players to Watch Tonight


The Tennessee Titans have their first preseason game tonight in Seattle. There’s plenty of competition going on this season and I for one am excited to see the players try and prove themselves on the field. Here’s the guys I’ll be watching tonight:

DT Mike Martin

I loved him when the Titans drafted him and have only heard good things coming out of camp. He could find himself in the starting lineup if he continues to impress in first team reps. I’m excited to see him out there tonight.

CB Tommie Campbell

Campbell’s been working hard and he’s definitely in the running for the 3rd CB position. I like his odds. He seems to be doing a pretty good job in camp and I’m eager to see him in coverage.

DE Pannel Egboh

Egboh was on the practice squad all last season. Now he’s been trading first team reps with Morgan. I liked him last preseason and word out of camp is that he’s been impressive.

DE Derrick Morgan

Morgan is in the hot seat. He has sat out some practices due to some soreness in his knee. That has me a little worried. Hopefully he gets enough reps tonight that we can get a decent look at him. Hopefully he’s the guy we saw briefly in his rookie year before his injury.

RB Chris Johnson

We won’t see much of him, but hopefully we’ll see enough to get a feeling for his speed and vision/decision making. He’s been working hard and did well in the scrimmage against the Falcons.

DT Sen’Derrick Marks

Reports have been really positive about Marks, saying he’s made a lot of strides. Those words don’t mean much to me until I see him doing well.

WR Kendall Wright

It sounds like Wright is having some growing pains, though he’s showing a lot grit and eagerness. He gives it all on every play, even in camp. I want to see that burner speed tonight.

OLB Zach Brown

I wasn’t happy with this pick in the second round when it happened. The Titans had, and obviously still have, problems with the offensive line and there were some great linemen available. I’ve shaken it off and now I want to see what he’s got. I know he has some blazing speed, but I haven’t heard any reports from camp about him. I’m anxious to see what we’ve got in him.

The Offensive Line

Change is here. Amano is gone for the season with an injury and the center/guard position seem to an open battle. Velasco is the shoe in center it seems, but I want to see all the guys competing up there, Matthews and all. It’ll be interesting to see how well they perform.

I can’t wait to see the game. I know it’s just preseason, but people who say that are people looking at the scoreboard.

I’m looking at the players.

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