How Important Will Kendall Wright Be To The Tennessee Titans?


Since it’s pretty much been all about Kendall Wright today, why not stick with the program?

Earlier today Wright and the Tennessee Titans agreed to terms on a nearly fully guaranteed contract. Wright was one of only two rookies left unsigned, the other being Justin Blackmon, who the Jaguars hope can wreak havoc on the Titans. It was imperative that the Titans bring in Wright as soon as they could. Thankfully, the wait is over.

The Baylor Bear was drafted by Tennessee with the 20th pick in this year’s draft. It came as a bit of a surprise to some fans that were hoping for an offensive lineman or defensive end, but the discontent subsided as soon as coaches raved about him and analysts, such as Rotoworld’s Evan Silva and Josh Norris, approved highly of the selection.

A burner in college, he made 1st team All-American and All-Big 12 as a senior, despite an average height for a wide receiver and a common perception that he was pudgy and overweight. He left school with a very decorated career alongside little-known quarterback Robert Griffin III. Due to Griffin’s success and exposure, Wright was sometimes darkened fully by RG3’s shadow. Still, teams liked him heading into the draft as a first round pick.

Fans were skeptical of the pick, not because they thought he was a bad player, but because there were more pressing needs; at least for the short term. First year wideouts usually don’t contribute in a substantial way, although recently that trend is beginning to be bucked (see AJ Green and Julio Jones). With a fairly decent wide receiving unit returning and a healthy Kenny Britt on the way back, it didn’t seem necessary to spend a first round pick on a pass catcher.

Fortunately, for the sake of our team, we’re not the ones making the picks.

A few months into the offseason and our star receiver needs his troublesome knee scoped. Fair enough, it’s common. A month later his other knee gets scoped. Now there’s a cause for concern. A couple weeks later and he’s arrested for the 8th time since joining the NFL. Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?

This is why Kendall Wright is on our team.

Wright was going to chip in for the offense in some capacity, regardless. But with the team’s number one receiver likely to be out for the first two-to-four games, he may get more playing time than he could’ve ever hoped for. Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer has had Wright practice at every wideout position possible. It’s a sign that they trust his skill set and his knowledge of the game. That the offense will be more pass-oriented than ever. That they put him on this team to help us win games.

In a league that has become ever-so pass-happy, drafting him makes all the sense in the world. He might start from day one. He might score our first touchdown of the year. He may make the Titans reconsider whether Britt is worth all the head scratching and all the trouble. Time will tell. Time will make us realize how important it is to have good receivers to help out your quarterback in today’s NFL.

The bottom line is that Kendall Wright is going to help the Titans get closer to the playoffs. Will he be Larry Fitzgerald? Very unlikely. Will he even be this year’s AJ Green? Probably not. What he will do is provide a solution where Kenny Britt has created a problem. Jake Locker and/or Matt Hasselbeck are going to have fun chucking the ball up and seeing Wright run under it, leaving cornerbacks in his trail.

Not to mention, once Kenny Britt comes back this offense is going to be damn good. Now if only we can get that quarterback situation resolved.