Tennessee Titans: The Enigma Known as Kenny Britt


The enigmatic Kenny Britt has been a star on the field for the Tennessee Titans ever since he was drafted, however the headaches he has caused off the field have overshadowed his accomplishments.

Since he put on two tone blue, three words have been linked to “Ole Kenny” : productivity, injury, and arrested. When Britt is healthy he is highly productive. Over his three seasons as a Tennessee Titan he has 101 catches for 1,765 yards and fifteen touchdowns. Impressive numbers for only starting 16 games over those three seasons.

Those numbers are dwarfed though, because over those three years Britt has dealt with nagging and serious injuries, including a serious hamstring issue in his second season and in his third season a devastating knee injury that cut his season short after three highly productive games for his team.

During Britt’s three seasons with the Titans he has also become accustomed with various police departments. Once in New Jersey he was charged with multiple offenses, including eluding police by car, but the charges were later reduced. Another time Britt was charged with resisting arrest but served no punishment from the NFL due to the lockout.

This off-season had been nothing but positive news for Britt. There were reports of Britt being ahead of schedule and on his way to being ready Week 1 against the Patriots. Titans fans were finally hoping that their monster wideout would show his true colors this season.

Then the month of July came along.

During rehab, Britt’s non-surgically repaired knee required a scope. This procedure is not serious however, it was just another set back Britt was faced with. Now even if Britt is a go health wise Week 1, there is no guarantee he will be on the field.

Wait! What? Wonder what that could be?

Hmm, take a guess.

Yep “Ole Kenny” was apparently partying too hard and decided it was a good idea to give a female soldier “a ride” back to her military base after he had been drinking. Britt was charged with a DWI and could face a multiple game suspension from the commissioner Roger Goodell.

Or wait, was she riding Kenny at the base? I cant remember; guess one too many Patron shots for me too.

All jokes aside, this is serious and upsetting news for Kenny Britt the person, not just the football player. Especially because from all reports from players and coaches are that Britt is a good guy and had seemed to grow up this past season.

Now Britt has to make a decision. It’s time for the man that refers to himself as “the man with the hands and a big smile” to be just that; a good guy, who is a beast on the field.

No more knuckle head mistakes, he is a professional, time to start acting like one.