CBS Doesn’t Know the Tennessee Titans


Believe it or not, the Tennessee Titans did not select a DE in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft named Derrick Harvey. They also don’t have any TE’s on the roster weighing 300 lbs. They also have more than one weapon on offense, though a CBS insider begs to differ.

"…Johnson can wreck defenses and he keeps games tight. That’s the only hope for the Titans … One guy to watch closely is [6-6, 300-pound tight end] Taylor Thompson."

The only hope? Really? Come on. It just adds to the frustration when they can’t even get really simplistic things right, such as weight (Thompson weighs 268 lbs).

Pat Kirwan also goes as far as to call Jason Jones and William Hayes “very good rotational linemen”. Here’s where I hit you with the stats:

2011 season

Williams Hayes- 16 tackles, 1.5 sacks

Jason Jones- 27 tackles, 1 FF, 3 sacks

Jones was a starting DE for the Titans this last year and that’s what his totals were. As a rotational DE for the Titans, Dave Ball recorded 36 tackles, 2 FF, and 4 sacks.

I think we’ll be all right.

Kirwan also makes the mistake of including Ryan Mouton with Tommie Campbell in the group of CB’s to watch. Mouton has never proven any worth on the field and he’s coming off a torn ACL. Coty Sensabaugh and Chris Hawkins are both more likely to see the field.

The article also seems to question the Titans front seven, as if they could be any worse than they were last year. The Titans will be returning young successful players on the d-line (Casey, Klug) and adding more quality players such as rookie DT Mike Martin and veteran OLB/DE Kamerion Wimbley.

The Rob Rang draft recap section that rounded up the article was on par and much more optimistic than the rest, so I’ll just leave that be.

Overall, the article was just a frustrating read. It’s writer, Ryan Wilson, appears to be writing in an unfamiliar territory and it shows.

Next time, leave it to the crazies (like us) who know what’s going on.

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