NFL Top 100: My Reaction


I recently finished watching the NFL Network’s 2nd edition of the Top-100 list. My first reaction was why the heck weren’t Michael Roos and/ or David Stewart on the list. It seems that NFL players fall into the same trap as the media, picking players that are popular AND good over players that are just flat out good.

Chris Johnson was the lone Tennessee Titan on the list at #100. I don’t know what I am more shocked by; Johnson being on the list or Roos not being on it. They are both talented enough to be on it, but Roos had a much better season than Johnson. Other things that irritated me included Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. Peyton is probably the only player in NFL history that could make a list like this without taking a snap the entire season, simply because everyone is afraid of him.

The Titans have a handful of players that could hear their names called on next year’s NFL Top-100, they just have to stay healthy…we don’t have Peyton. Here they are:

Chris Johnson: He won’t make the list if he duplicates last season’s numbers,  but Johnson is set for a good year. With an improved offensive line and even more weapons outside, Johnson doesn’t have any more excuses.

Kenny Britt: If Britt stays healthy for at least 13 games you can bet money he is on the list next year.

Michael Roos: This guy is in the same class as Jake long, Joe Thomas and Jason Peters.

David Stewart: If Chris Johnson has a monster year, it probably means Stewart was the best right tackle in the NFL. He deserves to be on the list, but exposure is limited in Tennessee.

Colin McCarthy: He would have to take a big step forward this year and start every game, but McCarthy is the real deal. He has the personality and tenacity to get national media attention.

Jason McCourty: McCourty isn’t a top-10 cornerback today, but he is certainly heading in that direction.

Jake Locker: I think Locker has the smallest chance out of all these guys to make the list. A second year quarterback would have to have a monster season and make the playoffs, but Locker is my guy and I am going to stand by him. If he starts week one and lights it up against that competition he will certainly be in the conversation.

The Titans haven’t been a team of superstars in almost 10 years, but they are heading in that direction. How did you react to NFL Network’s Top-100? Which Titans do you think have the potential to be on next year’s list?