Tennessee Titans: Is the Run Game A Thing of the Past?


Is the run game a thing of the past for the Tennessee Titans? Is it? The Titans are ready to become a past first team with a roster more capable of being a threat via the air then ever before. But what about Chris Johnson? What about the fact that it’s all the Titans have ever really known? It’s all I’ve ever really known as a Titans fan.

As I sat at my computer today, trolling the internet for something to throw up on here, I turned to my last resort of video searches. Most of the ones I came across were old ones I’d already seen, but even then, one caught my eye. It’s a highlight reel of Chris Johnson torching defenses.

That’s why we’re here with this question about the run game. I think the Titans are officially going to turn to the air this season after hearing talks from offensive coordinator Chris Palmer speaking of how Johnson’s carries will decrease this year and the fact that it was so horrid last year. Don’t forget that  Palmer hasn’t been known to field offenses that produce big numbers in the rushing department or the fact that it’s just time. The entire league is shifting that way and the Titans have the best group of WRs, ever.

It saddens me, though. I loved watching it. I became a Titans fan because of the Titans’ run game. Watching Eddie George run people over people during his career was one of the greatest things ever. It was awesome and I couldn’t get enough. After George came Lendale White crushing people and then Chris Johnson, at first pairing up with White and then surpassing him.

We’ve all had the enjoyment of watching CJ destroy defenses for years. Even when everything else was wrong, we had the unstoppable CJ, one of five running backs to have ever rushed for over 2,000 yards.

Perhaps the biggest thing disturbing me is just the fact that I’ve never seen the Titans be a dangerous passing team. There’s no doubt that they are now, but it is still just weird for me. The Titans have Kenny Britt, a guy who I think has Hall of Fame potential, and Nate Washington and Kendall Wright and Damian Williams and Jared Cook and… so on and so forth. It’s ridiculous, and I’m sure it’ll grow on me, I’m just not used to it.

There’s no doubt the Titans offense will be a different machine this year. Absolutely none. The combination of Chris Palmer, a potent passing offense, and a run game that struggled last year mean things will be different. I’m excited for the pass game, I just feel a loss for the run game coming to a close.

Just let me have this little moment of sadness… Soon enough I’ll be raving and posting videos of the Titans and their amazing receivers.

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