Tennessee Titans: Why Re-signing Michael Griffin is Huge


Yesterday we found out that the Tennessee Titans had re-signed Michael Griffin to a five year contract. Why does this seem like such a big deal to me? I’ll tell you why!

Throughout the years, as a Titans’ fan, I have grown all too accustomed to see us draft guys, watch them play for 3 or 4 years, hear how the FO is doing everything they can to re-sign someone and then watch them leave in free agency. After the defection Jeff Fisher would hold a press conference and say that there was just no way the two sides could come to an agreement. He would then go on to say that the guy who was next in line would step up and that they felt more than confident in his ability to really help the team and that there shouldn’t be much of a drop off. Shortly after that, he would say that change is inevitable and that every NFL team has to do the same thing every year. Happened every year. Every year.Wash, rinse, and repeat!

The re-signing of Michael Griffin shows us more and more that the new regime, the new brain trust, the new FO, whatever you want to call them is committed to not letting young players with upside who we drafted just walk out of the door. Its also been in the news that Jason McCourty is working with the team to sign an extension to his current deal. Yes, you heard me, they are actually talking to a player who has a year left on his deal about re-upping him before he plays this season and hits free agency! Its crazy talk I know, but its happening.

Now, while Michael Griffin may be a very inconsistent safety, he’s still only 27 and in my estimation, a top ten safety in the league. He’s a former pro bowler and a former all pro. What’s very important about this signing also is that it is one less roster spot to fill come next draft. You simply can’t build and sustain a team when you constantly let guys leave via free agency.

Tell me all you want about the Titans being a small market team and how they couldn’t afford to keep players before…lies, lies I tell ya. Yes they are a small market team but Bud Adams has more money than most Saudi princes! He’s always been about watching his margins, even when he had the team in Houston. The Titans could have the highest payroll in the NFL for the next decade and Bud Adams would still die a billionaire.

I know that money doesn’t win you championships in the NFL(ask Jerry Jones), but it does allow you to keep your cupboard 3/4 of the way full and be able to focus on drafting talent that fits your scheme, focusing only on a few free agents that a team has their eyes on, and being able to compete consistently.

Re-signing Michael Griffin was an outstanding more by our FO, and I, for one, applaud them. What say you?

Shawn Eagle

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