Tennessee Titans’ Michael Griffin Doing Things Right


Michael Griffin was given the franchise tag earlier this year, a sign that Tennessee Titans still want him but that he has to improve. The Titans have had long-term deal talks with Griffin, but nothing seems imminent. They have until July 15th to come to terms on a long-term deal.

Michael Griffin is being very professional about the whole thing, which is great to see.

Via NFL.com:

"Griffin could have gone to the media to ask why a team so paper thin at the safety position wouldn’t want to sign a two-time Pro Bowl player to an extension. Griffin instead has remained quiet about his contract plight, and even has signed an injury protection waiver that allowed him to participate in voluntary workouts."

Now even though Griffin is a two-time Pro Bowl player, he hasn’t lived up to that reputation the last few years, which certainly hurts his bargaining chips. He’s aware that his play could’ve been better too. He watches his tape.

Griffin has also been called out for poor tackling.

I’ve been one of the biggest critics of Griffin, begging that the Titans draft Mark Barron (which obviously didn’t happen) but I’ve also been one of his biggest supporters. I completely believe that Griffin can return to Pro Bowl form, I’m just waiting to see it. This is his chance.

Griffin may not get a long-term deal before the mid-July deadline, but that shouldn’t be what’s on his mind. He needs to focus on his game. He’s getting an offseason with Gray and the new defensive backs coach, something he was deprived of last year.

The Titans have also done their best to bolster a defensive line that was the second-worst in the league this past year, adding depth and talent in the draft as well as the versatile Kamerion Wimbley. It’s just one more thing in his favor headed into the 2012 season. More pressure from the guys up front should benefit Griffin, as well as the rest of the defensive backfield.

Griffin’s doing everything thing right to make those improvements and get that contract. Showing up to voluntary workouts, not holding out, and not complaining to the media are all things appreciated by not only the fans, but the front office of the Titans. The only thing left to do is to bring his A-game when he steps on the field in September. The Titans are going to need him.

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