Tennessee Titans Practice Report – Tuesday, 6/12/12


The Titans just wrapped up another day of practice. Head coach Mike Munchak made himself available afterwards to the press. Coach was asked a number of questions, and one of the nice aspects of his personality is that he seems to embrace the media, and is willing to answer a variety of questions at length. Here are some choice excerpts:

On the health of Eugene Amano:

"The last three workouts pretty much he’s been doing everything, getting his full share.  He eased in last week in a couple of the workouts, and so far both practices this week, he’s been doing everything.  So we’re feeling good about him, and I’m sure he’ll gain his confidence over a couple more days this week and next week."

On Kamerion Wimbley:

"We have him on the open side, where he’s very comfortable.  He’s a pro.  He practices the way you want him to.  He’ll rub off on the other guys.  You’re already seeing that with his practice habits and his seriousness to the game.  His approach to the game is fun to watch.  He’s had success, so players lock on to that when they see that.  That’s how he’s leading also.  We’re happy with what we’ve seen so far."

On the ability of the young players to handle the workload:

"I know Chris Palmer has talked about Kendall Wright.  We have a plan to start out with him, for example.  We have a plan for every guy—the coaches do—and what situation to put him in.  So for someone like that, if you see him doing well, then it’s up to us to put more on him and see how versatile he can be and give him more responsibility.  Some guys will get bored, and so you want to give him more responsibility.  Technique work you can work on all the time.  You can always improve that.  But assignment-wise, if guys start handling it, like you would o-line or d-line, you can start moving guys maybe to multiple positions because they’re ready for it."

On the release of Daniel Graham:

"When I helped recruit him last year we were excited about having him here.  We thought he would come in and fit a definite role and need we had.  As a first-year head coach, he was great for me.  He was a great leader, a great guy by example, he was great in the tight end room and really for the whole team, I thought.  Unfortunately, as we all know the way the season went we didn’t run the ball as much as we liked to and he didn’t get the reps he thought he would be able to get originally because obviously we thought we would run the ball much more often than we did last year.  He didn’t get an opportunity to play like we hoped he would when we signed him.  I know that was disappointing for him last year."

Munchak had plenty to say, and you can read the rest of his comments here.

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