Tennessee Titans’ WR Kendall Wright and OLB Zach Brown Quick Learners


The Tennessee Titans’ first two picks from the 2012 NFL Draft have been picking up the the playbooks pretty quickly according to a couple of reports.

Receiver Kendall Wright has been getting such a good grasp of the playbook that he’s being taught an additional two positions, even after offensive coordinator Chris Palmer had originally planned on only teaching him one due to previous struggles with rookie receiver Mario Manningham of the New York Giants.

Via NFL.com:

"At some point he will get overloaded, which is normal for a player. But we see the things we saw before the draft, and we want to move him around and put him in some other spots,” Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer told Wyatt. “He is a rookie and he is learning, but he is doing an excellent job. He has tremendous quickness, and he is learning the system."

At the end of the article Kendall Wright says that when ever he has questions about anything he asks them.

"It makes it easier if you ask. If you hold it in, you will never know what to do."

Apparently he’s not the only one excelling.

Second-rounder Zach Brown has shown speed as well as good coverage thus far; the two biggest reasons the Titans chose him with their second pick. Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray sounds quite happy with him.

Via the Tennessean:

"We know he can run, and we know he is powerful, but the thing I see when I watch film — I don’t see a guy taking a long time to process stuff, and that is incredible for a rookie,” Gray said. “When the ball is snapped, he is going. I know coming out the knock is he’s a track guy and this and that, but I can’t wait for him to get the pads on."

That’s the next step we should all be waiting for. There’s generally a lot of good publicity coming out of OTA’s and even after they get the pads on, but at least with pads you’ve got a little better idea of what they’re capable of. That being said, I’m more anxiously awaiting the preseason games where we can all get a look at the rookies, even if it may be against lesser known competition.

P.S. Football can’t come soon enough.

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