Gray Ready to add “Ruby” to Tennessee Titans Defense


For all of you Tennessee Titans fans out there waiting to see Jerry Gray put his stamp on the defense, wait no more my friends. Jerry Gray is tinkering with the defense and ready to add what he calls, “Ruby” to the defenses packages.

So what is “Ruby”, well, to be simple, it’s a “dime” defense package. To be more intricate, it’s a 3-2-6 sub package played on passing downs. How is it different from your standard “dime” package, and how will it benefit the Tennessee Titans this year? Well, let’s get to it.

In your standard “dime” package you normally have 4 down lineman, 1 LB, and 6 DBs. Normally, 6 DBs is always referred to as a, “dime” package. Of course there are more than a few variations, but your standard is listed above. Every team in the NFL plays at least some base “dime” in a game. Its tried and true and gives you multiple ways to play the passing game. What it may lack in intricacy it makes up for in effectiveness. Most of the time also in your standard “dime”, your 6 DBs consist of 4 CBs and 2 safeties. This base defense offers a team the ability to be able to rush the passer without blitzing and also cover the receivers with 7 in coverage. Its a very reliable defense that allows a team to play man, cover 2, cover 3, quarters, or stem into a different look without much pre snap movement.

Now let’s get to “Ruby”, the 3-2-6. As you can see, you still have 6 DBs so its a “dime” defense. The main difference in this package is that you only have 3 down line man but you add a LB. Another wrinkle that Jerry Gray wants to add is playing 3 safeties in this defense instead of 2 safeties and 4 CBs. Right away when thinking of running a 3-2-6 it comes to mind that the blitz packages involved in running this defense can be far more exotic than blitz packages out of a standard “dime” defense. The other thing that stands out is that if you’re going to play 3 safeties in this defense, then that 3rd better be able to cover or blitz or both, and do them consistently well. The 2nd LB in the mix should also be able to fly around and make plays in coverage, run support, and blitzing just so he can take pressure off the line which will only be rushing 3. This sub package offers so many more different blitz and coverage combinations than your standard “dime” package that it should be very interesting to watch.

While this package puts more pressure on the DL and LBs, it also offers more complexity and more variation that should have Gray showing exactly what he does and can do as a DC. In watching some of his old teams(Redskins and Bills), I can tell you that Gray doesn’t particularly like to sit back and let the offense dictate what they will do. He will take chances but fundamentally sound ball and will constantly strive to put pressure on the offense. The “Ruby” defense he installs will likely show more of what he has up his sleeve.

Shawn Eagle

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