A View from the Eagle’s Nest


As I wrote about a few weeks ago, the Tennessee Titans and Chris Palmer do indeed plan to implement more of a Run and Shoot philosophy when it comes to the passing game. So what can we look for and how will it benefit our offense?

The main difference you will see in the passing game is that there will be more option routes for our receivers. Option routes are standard in any offense but normally it may only be one receiver running an option route on any given play. In Palmer’s offense, on some passing plays, every receiver will run an option route. This is great in that it’s very difficult for defenders sit on routes, to guess plays, and also read the offense. Now what is difficult when doing this is that if the WR and QB don’t think exactly alike then you have a pick six. Even back in the days of the original Run and Shoot with Moon and the Smurfs, that seemed to be the main difficulty was making sure all the receivers and the QB were on the same page with their routes.

So how does this benefit our offense? Well make no mistake my friends, with the first round selection of Kendall Wright the Titans have put the league on notice that the days of Fisher ball, 3 yards and a cloud of dust ate behind them. Palmer has run this offense wherever he has been and he has plenty of weapons at his disposal. We have the most electrifying RB in the league in CJ2K who should greatly benefit from running the ball against nickel, and dime defenses, and even base 34 and 43 defenses if they’re spread out covering 3 wides. With Britt, Washington, and Wright looking to be on the field together as much as possible and Cookie opening up the middle of the field you can bet we will be a hard team to stop.

Palmer’s offense is tried and true and with an entire offseason to install it there may be a few hiccups but this offense can be very good, top ten good this season. Now if we can find out who is starting at the QB position between Hasselbeck and Locker we’ll be ready to roll.

Article by Shawn Eagle

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