The Tennessee Titans Have Good Players?


Today ProFootballFocus published their “2011′s Best Performances: 4-3 Outside Linebackers” and the Tennessee Titans had a couple guys with top five performances on there.

The first one I noticed was newly converted DE Kamerion Wimbley coming in at third and first place in the pass rushing packages. Here’s what they had to say:

"3. Kamerion Wimbley, Oakland Raiders: Week 1 at Denver (+8.3)With a rookie lining up opposite him for most of the game, it was no surprise to see Wimbley constantly pressuring Kyle Orton. He didn’t end up with a sack or hit, but eight pressures from 33 pass rushes is a great return (especially when you look at how quickly they were happening). Wimbley, who was practically flawless in this game, also made some plays in the run game; highlighted by some excellent work with 12:35 to go in the first. Tremendous day…1. Kamerion Wimbley, Oakland Raiders: Week 10 at San Diego (+10.6)Topping this Wimbley-Miller list, the we’re about to name won’t surprise anyone who watched it. With Wimbley making mincemeat out of Brandyn Dombrowski so regularly, it stood out more when he wasn’t pressuring Philip Rivers. When all was said and done, he’d picked up four sacks, three more QB hits, and seven pressures. An astounding total that had to be seen to be believed. It doesn’t get much better than this."

Wimbley was a cost cutting maneuver for the Oakland Raiders and a steal for the Titans. It’ll be interesting to see how well he plays at the DE position. It was the position he played in college but most of his NFL career has been played at the OLB position.

I think he’ll be doing just fine, but I’ve also been saying that ever since we got him. We’ll see in a couple months.

But Wimbley wasn’t the only Titan to break onto the list. We also had another guy tie for second in the pass coverage section:

"2t. Will Witherspoon, Tennessee Titans: Week 4 at Cleveland (+5.1)What made this display from the Titan outside linebacker stand out was his play in coverage. With the Browns going pass-happy, Colt McCoy seemed to go after Witherspoon, throwing into his coverage 11 times. The end result saw only 47 yards picked up and two first downs. The former Ram broke up two passes in addition to getting a hit and hurry on McCoy. Just what the doctor ordered for Tennessee."

Will Witherspoon may not always be the best out there but he does have his moments. It’ll be interesting to see the position battle between him and rookie OLB Zach Brown. Either way we know we’ll have a pretty competent back-up at the position.

You know Colin McCarthy just barely missed making this list. He had a killer game against the Bills. I can’t wait to see even more improvement out of this group as they head into this next season. I believe that the Titans have finally found their linebackers.

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