Casey, Klug and Martin, the best group of young DTs


It’s time for old fashion football. When you face MJD and Arian Foster twice a year you have to be able to stop the run or you simply have no chance to win that football game.

604 pounds combined between Martin and Casey won’t be easy to move around for opposing offensive lines, especially when you talk about smart guys who are still under 24 years old.

Martin is a high motor kind of player who never quits a play. He will win a lot of 1-on-1 match-ups and was a really productive player. He is a great addition to an already young defensive line and will compliment what Casey and Karl Klug did last year. He may be the safest pick on this year’s draft.

We all know what Casey is capable of doing. He was all over the field making tackles in the backfield and showed great instincts to read and react. The surprising thing is that he did all of that with no offseason last year.

Karl Klug is more of a situational pass rush player. He will see a lot of playing time and will be right behind Martin and Casey for second and third and long. He is also capable of stopping the run because of his athleticism even though he is a little undersized for a DT in the NFL.

Martin, Casey and Klug will definitely be a combo hard to defend for opposing teams and this will definitely help defensive ends to have more 1-on-1 match-ups in the edge.

I don’t understand when people say that we haven’t improved our pass rush. Just imagine this: Martin and Casey pushing with 604 pounds of strength in the interior line, Wimbley rushing off the edge with great athleticism and behind him, Ayers or rookie Zack Brown rushing the passer showing crazy speed. If that’s not enough, you can add Karl Klug, Derrick Morgan and Collin McCarthy to the mix of players capable of rushing the passer.

My sense is that we will see a more aggressive scheme from Gray. The Titans just brought a “pass rush specialist” to improve players’ technique.

I’m expecting big numbers from this unit. Titans did upgrade their pass rush, just wait and see. On the other hand, it can’t get worse than last year right?

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