Icing on the Tennessee Titans’ Cake


The Tennessee Titans are in a great position, roster wise, for the upcoming NFL draft. When one studies the current players penciled in on the depth chart, the names in the starting slots are not bad (Fine, there are a few exceptions… cough cough Amano). What the Titans’ roster is right now is a cake without frosting, if you will. What this analogy represents is a solid roster that lacks the situational players to push them over the edge in the AFC.

Look no further than the Super Bowl champion Giants for an example. What Victor Cruz accomplished between the 20 yard lines was quite impressive, though in the red-zone Hakim Nicks shined. The combination of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, the ever changing defensive line sets, and even reserve linebackers and defensive backs being asked to play to their strengths. and the result was a Lombardi trophy.

The Titans would be extremely foolish not to take advantage of the ridiculous depth at receiver that this draft class offers. Instead of listing information on each receiver I like, I’ll present a group that embodies the redzone/jumpball type threat the Titans should target. The Players are listed by the order I believe they will be taken.The lower list of players includes ones that could fill the need of situational players on the Titan roster. Thus frosting the team with diversity and playmaking ability.

Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina, late 1st or 2nd

Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers, 2nd round (I LOVE THIS GUY! check out a highlight reel of him and you will too)

Nick Toon, Wisconsin, 3rd-4th round

Marvin McNutt, Iowa, 3rd-4th round

Devon Still, DT, Penn St.
He has fallen down some draft boards for no other reason than some players with less production have been forced up it. Tape don’t lie, and he could be a steal in the 2nd round.

Tremaine Johnson, CB/S, Montana
He has good size, speed and shows play making ability. He may be too stiff to be a full time CB, but could split time at the nickel spot and play some safety until his permanent position is more clear. Most likely, Johnson goes in the 3rd round.

Danny Trevanthan, LB, Kentucky
I really like this guy. He is a bit undersized but, as of recently, has put on some weight. He was a big time playmaker for the Wildcats, and should be sitting there for the Titans in the 5th round.

Jack Crawford, DE, Penn St.
Ran a 4.76 at 6’5 and 274 lbs. He should be there in the later rounds. If anymore reason is required not to take a flier on this man, then the tape against Nebraska, Ohio St., and Wisconsin should suffice.

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