Tennessee Titans Should Draft a WR Within First Two Rounds


First and foremost, the Tennessee Titans have a lot of directions they could go with their first picks. They aren’t starved at any position but surrounding Jake Locker with weapons early in his career would certainly make things easier and give him that much more of a chance to excel.

There’s talent galore at the WR position in this draft and though the Titans already have a decent group of receivers, they feel a big loss when Kenny Britt goes down, which seems to be a habit thus far in his career. The Titans have depth at WR but the group has yet to show much for being big game changers. Drafting a WR in the later rounds, though it may turn out an occasional star, isn’t something that should be in the Titans plans.

Should they get a receiver, they need to do it within the first couple rounds. Players like Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery, Michael Floyd, and Rueben Randle could be available for the Titans to take within the first few rounds and they all represent large targets, a couple of which have some speed to go along with that.

Out of all those options, my favorite is Stephen Hill. He’ll still have to learn some things at the next level and grow to meet his full potential but he’s a big, fast, playmaker. I’d like to see what he could do across from Kenny Britt.

Floyd is another good option, but I don’t think he’ll turn into a huge playmaker at the next level. He’ll probably be a pretty decent receiver with the hands he has and his great height but I just don’t see him making the big plays I’d like to see someone of his size making.

Jeffery, to myself, is the receiver version of JaMarcus Russell; he’s got potential but he lazy. He was out of shape his senior year but lost the weight this off-season as the draft nears, which reminds me of Russell so very much. I see the video of Russell talking before the draft and when someone asked him what he was going to do once he was drafted he responded, “I’m going to eat!”.  That being said, the Bleacher Reports head draft scout Matt Miller loves the guy and thinks he should be a top ten pick. Only time will tell.

The Titans draft room is going to be a busy place on the first couple nights. It’ll be exciting to see which direction they decide to go, whether it be offense or defense. There should be some good talent sitting on the board when they pick at 20.

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