CJ2K looks to have a full off-season for Tennessee Titans


Chris Johnson aka CJ2K will be with the Tennessee Titans this off-season. No, he won’t be hanging out down in Orlando running in the sand and gettin his work out in down there.

Due in large part to that fat contract that he signed last year in which it is a stipulation that he must attend off-season workouts or the fines start coming. He doesn’t have to be there for all of them, he has 6 absenses that can be excused.

So luckily, there won’t be any long drawn out contract talk, and no shortened off-season due to a lock out. He won’t have to worry about getting acclimated to a new offense in a short amount of with a coach he barely knows. Well, sorry, he may need help getting acclimated to a new offense because he barely seemed like he knew the offense last year. Sorry CJ, not trying to take a shot but there were more than a few games that the cohesiveness just wasn’t there with the O-line. Some of those problems were obviously the O-line’s problem but CJ did seem more than a little bit hesitant on quite a few occasions.

How should this help his productivity this year? For one, he’ll be in football shape when the season starts. I don’t believe he was anywhere near football shape for most of the season last year. You simply can’t manufacture game speed and the timing of plays by working out. It will also be helpful for him to have more time to sit in the film room and digest the offense. One thing that should not be overlooked either is the added time that he will have with his O-line. The time it takes to form a good bond with big men blocking for you takes some time. With Steve Hutchinson being added and possibly a new center added to the line, he’ll need that time to develop a sense of how everyone does their job.

So don’t fret Titans fans, CJs back, and with a healthy Britt, Cookie, Washington, and the rest of the cast this offense should be just fine if they can get the running game working.

Shawn Eagle

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