Tennessee Titans 2012 Schedule Analysis


The Tennessee Titans 2012 Schedule has been released!

My analysis is based on the actual teams’ roster. It may change a lot with draft, trades and free agent signings.

WEEK 1  vs Patriots   1:00 PM ET

There are few tougher ways to start a season than the Titans playing the powerful Patriots at LP Field. It’s always good to start the season at home but it’s never good to face the Patriots. It will come down to see who’s able to stop the opponent’s offense.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 2 at Chargers   4:15 PM ET

The Chargers had a hard season last year but they finished strong. Another tough game but this time on the road. Rivers is still an elite QB and they have a solid defense. This could be a difficult start for the Titans.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 3 vs Lions   1:00 PM ET

Schwartz first visit to Tennessee since he left to be Lions’ Head Coach. Stafford and Megatron will be very difficult to defend, but I see the Titans getting their first W of the season at home week 3.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 4 at Texans 1:00 PM ET

I can’t remember a tougher start for the Titans. Houston took the division last year and they host the Titans for the first divisional battle between the AFC South top two contenders. Can’t see the Titans winning at Reliant Stadium.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 5 at Vikings 1:00 PM ET

AP is one of the top running backs in the league and he will be tough to defend but the Vikings have an inconsistent passing game. If the Titans are able to get CJ going they will go to the Metrodome and take the W.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 6 vs Steelers   8:20 PM ET

Again, tough schedule. The Titans will host the Steelers in the first of two Primetime game this season. These teams don’t like each other and we always see close game between these two. Don’t think the Titans are favorites in this one but they have a chance. Home field advantage should be a factor in this one.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 7 at Bills   1:00 PM ET

The Bills are a speedy young team that can beat anyone in this league. The Titans won the matchup last season and I expect them to do it again this year. Fitzpatrick may look like Manning one week and play like Gabbert next week. They will be a tougher team with a healthy Fred Jackson.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 8 vs Colts   1:00 PM ET

The Colts are never easy and being in the same division makes it tougher but they are a rebuilding team and they are at least three years away of being a real contender in the AFC South.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 9 at Bears   1:00 PM ET

This will come down whether or not Jay Cutler shows up. They have a great defense and a powerful running game with Matt Forte. It will be tough to win this one on the road.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 10 at Dolphins   1:00 PM ET

There is no team in the NFL with a worse QB situation than the Dolphins. They have a nice run defense and a decent running game but without a QB this season will be a long one for them.

My Pick: Win


Good time to have a bye week. I’m sure the Titans’ record will be around 5-5. They will have to finish strong if they want to make the playoffs. Rest may be a weapon in this situation.

WEEK 12 at Jaguars   1:00 PM ET

Stop MJD. That’s been the key to beating the Jaguars for the last couple of years. Let’s see if the Titans get some big bodies to help the d-Line. I’m sure we are all happy that the Titans passed on Gabbert in last year’s draft.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 13 vs Texans   1:00 PM ET

This may be the most important game of the season. If the Titans lose this game our season may be over. If the Titans take the W they may keep their playoff hopes alive. Texans have weapons everywhere but they are not as good as they were last year. They lost some key players in free agency.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 14 at Colts   1:00 PM ET

This will be a tougher game than the previous one against the Colts. They will be playing for pride at this point of the season and you never want to face a team that has nothing to lose.

My Pick: Win

WEEK 15 vs Jets   8;30 PM ET

Second prime time game of the season for LP Field. The crowd will be pumped for this one. The playoffs will be on the line at this point and the loser may be out of the hunt. Jets have an aggressive defense but Sanchez is not the elite QB this team needs to make a run into the playoffs. This one will be really close.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 16 at Packers   1:00 PM ET

For me, Rodgers and the Packers are still the best team in the league. Lambeau in December? Good luck with that. This may not be even close.

My Pick: Loss

WEEK 17 vs Jaguars   1:00 PM ET

Hopefully the Titans will still be playing for something at this point. The playoffs and AFC South title may be on the line. Let’s remember Texans have a strong schedule too. At home the Titans will take the W.

My Pick: Win


Let’s see if this record is enough to make the playoffs this year. Last season the Titans were the only 9-7 team that failed to make the playoffs.

What do you guys think?