Around The NFL: Tennessee Titans Edition


There certainly hasn’t been much activity on the NFL front recently. Aside from the recent and not-so-dramatic unveiling of the “new” Nike uniforms (which Titan Sized covered here; Check it out if you haven’t), teams have mostly gone about making smaller signings to bring depth to different positions, and the Titans are no different. With that being said, I wanted to highlight some of the various activity regarding our franchise, along with some links to different articles around the interweb.

– It seems that Jared Cook, while having enjoyed some recent time off, is eager to get back to work (Titans Online). Among the highlights is the following quote:

"“You enjoy that first month off and now it’s like, ‘Can we get back to work?’ Especially now since they’ve pushed it back a whole month. You’re just used to being there by now. Yeah, I’m ready to get going.”"

It’s certainly nice to hear that from any of our guys, let alone Cookie. The guy finished last season with 759 yards, and there were certainly at least a few games where he completely disappeared. If the offense can figure out a way to keep him involved week-in and week-out, he could realistically push 1,000 yards.

– Special Team’s captain and Linebacker Tim Shaw was retained as part of a 3 year deal (The Tennessean). This quote from the article:

"“The process was a tough one,” Shaw said. “From the jump, Tennessee is where I wanted to be. It was going to take a really great offer or enticing situation to get me away from here. This is where I wanted to be and where I think we are going to have the most success as a team. I am excited about the direction this team is going.”"

Shaw has been the leading special teams tackler each of the past two seasons, and my understanding is that he teams up with Bailey, who was also recently signed to a three year deal, to form the emotional core of the special teams unit. I believe that every successful team needs those positive, high energy guys that bring depth and support to the starters, as well as the team as a whole. These guys look to be that for us.

– Jason McCourty is ready to step in and adopt the leadership role that was previously held by Cortland Finnegan (Titans Online). McCourty had this to say:

"“I think it’s a part of growing up. I came in and had guys like Cortland and Chris Hope kind of teach me the ropes. When I came in it was Court’s fourth year. Now I’m that guy that can kind of show some of the younger guys some things.”"

You always like to hear recently promoted starters that embrace their new role and feel confident enough to do so. I really feel like Verner and McCourty will make very solid leaps in their production, much the way the receiving core did when Kenny Britt was lost last season. All in all we definitely have some things to be excited for.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming season? What area of our team do you think will most improve? Let us know what you think below!

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