Albert Haynesworth to the Tennessee Titans?


Albert Haynesworth is one of the best defensive linemen to have played for the Tennessee Titans in the recent years. He recorded 8.5 sacks as a DT in his last season as a Titan and constantly was double teamed by the rivals. He was unstoppable and was considered the most dominant DT in the entire NFL.
Should the Titans bring him back?

I know, he is 30, no sacks last year, he is not the healthiest player in the league and he did hurt our feelings when he left to the Redskins for the ’09 season, but he is still 6-6 and 350 pounds.

Albert spent two seasons with the Redskins recording a total of 6.5 sacks and shared time with the Patriots and the Buccaneers last season.

He is not the most dominant defensive tackle in the league anymore, but it’s never easy to move 350 pounds from the gap. He may be used as a situational player now and could add depth to our defensive line. We don’t have a clear starter besides Casey and this could motivate Haynesworth to improve his work ethic. Karl Klug had a huge rookie season but he is a situational player too.

The bright side about signing Haynesworth is that he could come cheap. Almost no one in the league is willing to take a shot on him. I would definitely pay him around $2M for a 1 year deal. He won’t be signed for more than that. We have the cap space and we definitely need some help at the position as Shaun Smith did not perform at the level the Titans expected.

The darks side of his signing is that we have a very young and disciplined defensive line. The rookies looked like hard workers with outstanding work ethic. We all know Albert is not the best influence in the locker room and his signing may interfere in the development of these young players and that may be a huge blow to such a big potential.

Big Al fits perfectly into Gray’s scheme of huge lineman to stop the run, so we’ll see if the Titans take a look at him. His value may drop as we get close to training camps.

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