Kenny Britt’s Knee Looking Good


This morning the Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean released an article about the health of Kenny Britt’s knee.

"I guarantee I will be back and better than I’ve ever been before,” he said. “With all the work I have been putting in, I will be 110 percent better than before. This has not been a setback if you ask me. The way I see it, it has been a head start for 2012.— Kenny Britt"

Though the Tennessee Titans don’t make members of their health staff available for interview, Wyatt obviously is able to speak with Kenny about where he thinks he is in the rehab process. In his interview Britt said he feels ahead of schedule.

Britt was able to run without a knee brace a week ago and said it felt good. He has been making cuts and planting with his right leg.

He also, apparently, has been putting up some pretty impressive vertical numbers:

"…with trainers watching, he had a 25½-inch vertical leap jumping off only his left foot, and a 25-inch vertical jumping off only the right foot. (Try that at home to get a better perspective on just how impressive that is.)Britt had a 37-inch vertical leap jumping off both feet at the NFL Combine in 2009, a couple of months before the Titans made him their first-round draft pick."

That’s some good news to hear. When Britt has been healthy enough to be on the field for the Titans, his vertical advantage has been a big key to the success he has had.

The biggest question lingering is how soon will Kenny be back up to full speed. He expects to be able to go by game one and obviously that would be everyone’s hope. As long as Kenny can stay healthy, he has a Hall of Fame level of potential.

Jim Wyatt ended his article with an awesome quote from Kenny and I can’t help but borrow it for this one as well:

"But I will definitely be there for the first game, I’ll say that. I don’t care how hard they have to push me, or how hard I have to push myself, I will be back for that first game. You can count on that."

Good luck with the rehab, Kenny. We’re all dying to see you on the field again.

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