Dear Mr. Adams, Thanks!!!


Oh Mr. Adams, you’re at it again. With the front office working diligently in the off-season to prepare for what could have been a few free agent acquisitions that could really help the franchise, you came along and decide that you had to have Peyton Manning.

I realize it’s your team and you can decide what moves need to be made to make this franchise better, but you sit around and wait until five days after Peyton Manning is cut from the Colts to decide that you’ve got to have him. Never mind that it was widely known around the league that the Titans were preparing to go after the most sought after DE in free agency in Mario Williams; A move that would have made a division foe weaker. A move that would have made the Titans better. A move that would have solidified our biggest weakness on the team at DE. Neh, you gotta have Peyton Manning!

To be honest, I would have loved to see Peyton wearing a Titans uniform and I think more than a few Titans fans would have as well, but when your front office (you know, the guys that actually live, eat and breathe football) has already figured out a game plan on who and how to pursue free agents, and Mr. Adams makes a phone call from Houston and says, “I want Peyton no matter what”, then what do you do? You drop everything that you have been working on for months and go try and get Peyton Manning. Never mind that we have one solid starting QB in Matt Hasselbeck and an up and coming franchise QB in Jake Locker. Never mind that months of work was shelved once Mr. Adams made his declaration known to the football world. In the end, the Titans, due to putting all their eggs in the Peyton Manning basket, missed out on Mario Williams and probably Scott Wells and Chris Myers. Oh, and of course Peyton Manning. They could have solidified the offensive line and the defensive end position and called it a day.

Remember the last time Ol Bud forced his hand-picked choice on the Titans roster? That would be Vince Young. How did that work out? Being a life long Texas Longhorns fan, I loved Vince, (loved Vince!), but I always worried about how he would be as a pro when an entire organization was unwilling to cater to his every need the way UT did in his playing days. I guess it didn’t take too long to figure out that was a horrible pick that set the franchise back another five years (like this organization needs any set backs at all) due to missing out on a top 5 pick.

Bud, if I may call you that, you are a billionaire who still talks about winning a championship and how that is the main goal and always has been, but your actions say otherwise. Did you really want Peyton Manning because you thought he gave your organization the best chance to win a championship? Or did you want Peyton because he gave your organization the best chance to be in the headlines, to sell more jerseys, or to attract more attention to the team? I think you saw the dollar signs that you would reap by Peyton being a Titan more than anything.

Shawn Eagle

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