Looking Forward with Hasselbeck & Locker


The Peyton Manning saga has come to an end in what has been arguably the most active off-season for the Titans thus far. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs over the last week, from the inability to bring in Manning, as well as losing out on Williams, Wells, & Myers in the process, to the additions of Kamerion Wimbley and Steve Hutchinson, not to mention keeping Babineaux around for a couple more years. Regardless of whether or not you were in support of bringing Manning in, there is no denying that we are in very good shape with Hasselbeck and Locker.

Matt Hasselbeck was questioned coming into Tennessee, but there is no doubt that the situation has worked to both parties benefit. Matt was able to guide the team to a winning record and took control and ownership of the position in a way that Vince Young never could. Along the way, he posted his best season of the last four years, while putting up more yards and touchdowns over the same period, as well as a higher passer rating. Locker, meanwhile, wowed us with his ability and posted a very impressive 99.4 QB rating over five games and 66 pass attempts.

While the franchise’s flirtation with Peyton is understandable (he’s been kicking the crap out of us and Bud for the last decade plus), it’s nice now that the dust has settled and we can all move on to arguing about which of the two should start this season. Also, let’s recognize Hasselbeck for dealing with all of this with class.

"“There were no guarantees I was going to be back”,” Hasselbeck said, via theTennessean. “If Peyton Manning had come to Tennessee, you know, I wouldn’t be playing for the Titans next year and that would have been unfortunate in my mind. My family and I have fallen in love with Nashville.”“In terms of getting your feelings hurt, I guess in my career I have played with a lot of quarterbacks and part of playing quarterback is being able to be coached, being able to handle criticism well,” Hasselbeck said. “I feel good about where we are.” – The Tennessean"

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