Peyton Manning Pick Broncos; Makes Me Happy


It’s over. Peyton Manning has chosen the Denver Broncos as his next team and I, for one, am glad. G-L-A-D.

I can’t even fathom the thought of having to cheer for a guy that I’ve come to loathe after 14 seasons of play. Cheering for a guy who quashed my teams playoff hopes numerous times? No thank you.

I have no qualms with Manning as a person and I hope he plays well in Denver, I just didn’t want the former Colt here in Tennessee.

There wasn’t a need for Manning in Tennessee. We have two very capable QB’s in Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker. The Titans shouldn’t have been in the race for Manning. Bud Adams pushed the Titans onto a wild goose chase that ended in them missing out on some key free agents that could have filled the gaping hole we currently face at the DE position.

The Titans did miss out on the top-tier DE’s in free agency and that I am a little peeved about, though I’m moving on. The Titans have brought in both DE Mark Anderson of the New England Patriots and DE/OLB Kamerion Wimbley for meetings. Those are two of the top DE’s remaining, though they aren’t on the same level as Mario Williams or John Abraham they still would provide decent play for a barren spot.

With the Titans having missed out on those top DE’s in FA, I would be very surprised if they didn’t address the position within the first couple rounds of the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

In the end, the Titans are looking similar to what we were before free agency, though they have brought in OG Steve Hutchinson which would appear to be a big upgrade at the position. With a strong finish in free agency and a solid draft, the Titans are still in position to make a run in the AFC South.

I’d also like to tip my hat to Matt Hasselbeck for how he handled the whole situation. He was put in a very tough spot and went about it with the utmost professionalism. He’s a great mentor to Jake Locker and I’m glad he will be remaining a Titan.

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