Peyton Manning to the Tennessee Titans Has Become A Real Possibility


When he was released, I think the amount of people that thought the Tennessee Titans would make a run at Peyton Manning could be counted on one hand. With Matt Hasselbeck coming off one of his better seasons and Jake Locker showing the potential to usurp Hass as the starting quarterback this upcoming season, Titans fans were delighted with the quarterback situation after five years of a roller coaster ride with Vince Young. But Titans owner Bud Adams has made it clear that he wants Manning, and that he’ll do whatever it takes to get him.

I don’t attribute Adams’ willingness to go and get Peyton as a sign that he doesn’t think Locker is the real deal. Instead, I believe that Adams just wants a super bowl ring. As Titans fans who have been through heartbreak and disappointment many times before, can we really argue with Adams trying to get the guy he thinks can do it as quickly as possible? We can, but we shouldn’t.

As of right now, Peyton is meeting with the Titans at Baptist Sports Park. Probably warming up to the idea of playing in the state where he played his college ball. Where his career really took off. I’m warming up to the idea of having him in a two toned blue jersey, as should we all. Peyton has ripped this team to shreds for the past 11 years. For once, wouldn’t it be nice for that stellar quarterback play to be on our side?

Jake Locker is going to be a fine quarterback. Whether he can be it today, or two years from now, we may never know. What we do know is that if Peyton is healthy, and with a great pass blocking offensive line that we have he should be, he is one of the best to ever play the position. It might take some getting used to, but having a future hall of fame quarterback for a couple of seasons doesn’t sound too bad to me.

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